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    Bed and Breakfast in Rotterdam IJsselmonde
    IJsselmonde is located in the south of Rotterdam and is a suburb of Rotterdam. There´s not a lot to do or see in IJsselmonde itself and there's just one Bed and Breakfast available. The advantage of this bed and breakfast is that it is located in a green environment with good connections to the center of Rotterdam. IJsselmonde has got its own railway station for example. So you can connect quickly to all the museums, attractions and shops in Rotterdam, but don´t need to stay in the hectic city center!

    The other advantage is that Bed and Breakfast Hoeve de Groe is one of the best Bed and Breakfast in Rotterdam. The beautiful Bed and Breakfast is located in a in the former stables of a renovated farmhouse overlooking a meadow. Inside the Bed and Breakfast you'll find a spacious bathroom, plush beds, a sitting area, a television and a fridge.

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  • Hoeve de Groe
    Hoeve de Groe
    One room B&B just outside the hectics from city center in the south of Rotterdam in a quite and green area.

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