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  • Bachelor Party / Staff Outing in Rotterdam

    Bachelor party in Rotterdam
    If you are getting married, for sure some of your friends will organize a bachelor party for you, and why not enjoying an unforgettable day (and night) out with your best friends in Rotterdam?

    Segway Tour in Rotterdam
    In the past Segways were exclusively used at airports or by the police, but nowadays they are also used for city tours. A Segway is an electrically powered vehicle on two wheels, which is steered by shifting your balance. At first glance, a Segway looks a bit wobbly, but after some practice the ride is pretty intuitive and stable. Guided Tours on Segway are offered in Rotterdam. After 15 minutes of instruction you are familiarized with your Segway and you'll easily cross the Erasmus Bridge with it. Your city tour departs from the Park and you'll head to the Rotterdam Market Hall, the Erasmus Bridge or you can do some off-roading at the Euromast Park. You can book an individual tour, but a Segway sightseeing tour in Rotterdam together with your friends or colleagues for a bachelor party or corporate event is great fun and good for the team spirit! The price is €45 per person for a 75 minutes Segway Tour. For more information refer to www.segwayrotterdam.nl

    Laser game in Rotterdam
    Playing a laser game is a classic activity for a successful bachelor party in Rotterdam. The goal of this game is to hit your opponent's vest as often as possible and, of course meanwhile avoiding to be hit by a laser yourself. The laser game in Rotterdam is played in a dark ship's hold, sparsely illuminated with blacklight, with all kinds of low walls and obstacles to hide for your opponent. Of course it is just a game, but even the least competitive people will become quite fanatic, because it's great fun to play with (or against) your friends and be a child again, playing hide and seek? A laser game takes 20 minutes including 5 minutes of instruction and cost from €9,75. More information can be found at www.lasergamerotterdam.nl

    Escape Room in Rotterdam
    You get locked up in a closed room together with friends, family or colleagues. The goal of this group activity is to escape from it under time pressure. During the escape game in Rotterdam you get some clues, but sometimes you are led astray. Escaping is possible by using common sense, being creative and of course by working well together. Playing an escape game in Rotterdam is a perfect idea for a company outing, as it stimulates the team spirit. Some teams manage to get out of the Escape Room within the time limit and some they don't, but in case of emergency the exit door always opens by pressing the red panic button. One thing is for sure: this will be an unforgettable experience! The escape game takes up to an hour and costs €15 per person. More information on www.exitgame.nl, www.escaperoomfantasy.nl, www.trappedintime.nl and www.escape010.nl.

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