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  • Historical shipyard De Delft

    historical shipyard rotterdams welvaren

    De Delft: historical shipyard Rotterdam
    The historical shipyard De Delft (formerly known as Rotterdams Welvaren) is a shipyard and museum, where you can learn everything about historical vessels and old martitime skills. The highlight of this museum is the reconstruction of the 18th century ship 'De Delft', which will be one of the largest ship replicas in the world! Museum De Delft in Rotterdam is located just a stone's throw away from the shipyard where the original ship was built.

    Reconstruction of ship De Delft
    The original ship De Delft was built in Delfshaven in 1783 and was used to escort and protect convoys of merchant-ships of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) in the European waters. De Delft was equipped with 60 guns, but sank during the Battle of Camperdown against the British in 1797. This important battle marked the definitive end of an era of the Netherlands naval dominance. Pieces of De Delft's shipwreck were found at the Dutch coast neat Scheveningen in 1977. These pieces of wreckage are now displayed at Museum De Delft. The reconstuction of the ship replica began in 2001 and is still under construction today. During a visit at the shipyard, you can see the ship grow to a glorious overall length of 63 meters and a height of 57 meters!

    work at the shipyard rotterdams welvaren

    Historical maritime skills
    At Museum De Delft you'll learn all about historical shipbuilding skills. You can visit the sawmill and the workshops for figureheads and wood carving. The Museum shows films (Dutch spoken) and exhibitions about the building of the ship, the history of De Delft, life at sea and the Battle at Camperdown.

    Guided tour at Shipyard De Delft in Rotterdam
    You can also book a 45 minutes guided tour at De Delft shipyard. A guide will tell you everyting about the historic ship and the reconstruction project. The tour guides will show you the various workshops where parts of the ship are crafted.

    Souvenir shop at Museum De Delft
    After your visit to the shipyard you can visit the gift shop, where you can buy some nice souvenirs like compasses, binoculars, decorative knots-boards and books. Or you could have a break and enjoy a drink or a snack at the restaurant with a nice view at the river Maas and the workshops at the shipyard.

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  • OPENING HOURS Museum De Delft in Rotterdam

    These are the opening hours of
    Museum De Delft in Rotterdam:

    Tuesday10 am - 4 pm
    Wednesday10 am - 4 pm
    Thursday10 am - 4 pm
    Friday10 am - 4 pm
    Saturday11 am - 5 pm
    Sunday11 am - 5 pm
  • TICKETS Shipyard De Delft in Rotterdam

    These are the rates for historical
    shipyard De Delft in Rotterdam:

    Children under 4Free
    Age 4 through 12€3,00
    Adults age 13 through 64€6,00
    Age 65 and up€4,00

    Discount shipyard De Delft
    Rotterdam Pass holders get free admission to shipyard De Delft.

  • PARKING Shipyard De Delft in Rotterdam

    Public transport to shipyard De Delft
    Museum De Delft is located at Schiehaven 15 close to historic Delfshaven and the Euromast. From Rotterdam Central Station, get there by metro to Coolhaven or tram 8 to Oostkousdijk and walk from there.

    Parking near shipyard De Delft
    Park your car in the streets, but you will have to pay using a EC card or creditcard. Please check our page about parking in Rotterdam for more information.

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