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  • Beurstraverse / Koopgoot Rotterdam

    Koopgoot Mall Rotterdam: 7 days a week car-free shopping!
    The Beurstraverse Mall is also called the not so flattering ‘Koopgoot’ by the Dutch meaning ‘Shopping Gutter’. The Beurstraverse underpasses Rotterdam’s most expensive street called Coolsingel. The Koopgoot underground Mall connects the shopping streets Hoogstraat and Lijnbaan and can be entered through two long, wide and easy stairs on either side, some escalators and lifts. Koopgoot Rotterdam offers hassle free shopping without the busy traffic like at Coolsingel. In summer, children can have fun refreshment due to the 'running' water fountains that emerge from the ground at Koopgoot Rotterdam.

    Accessibility Koopgoot Rotterdam
    Some bigger stores have underground access to the Koopgoot Mall Rotterdam, such as the department store Bijenkorf. Also the Rotterdam metro hub Beurs is directly located at the Koopgoot Mall.

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    Shops Koopgoot Underpass (Level -1) in Rotterdam
    There are all kinds of retailers at the Beurstraverse Mall, such as Douglas perfumery, personal care products at l'Occitane Rotterdam and many fashion shops like America Today, Lacoste, Esprit and Vanilia. If you are looking for a no nonsense department store with excellent value for money have a look at Hema. If you’re looking for a gift shop, don’t miss KKEC. The Belgian Chocolate at Leonidas can be a sweet gift as well. Some big flagship stores, such as Zara, Forever 21 and the Netherlands biggest H&M have have an entrance both at Beursplein (level 0) and at the Beurstraverse (level -1).

    Clearance at Koopgoot Rotterdam
    Summer sales at Koopgoot in Rotterdam normally start mid-June and winter sales at mid-december.

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    More shopping in Rotterdam?
    Haven't you finished shopping yet? Fashion victims can follow our complete shopping tour in Rotterdam city center! Do you prefer shopping in a mall on a rainy day? The metro takes you to the Zuidplein Mall or to the Alexandrium Mall in 25 minutes. Zuidplein offers another 150 shops and Alexandrium has many home decoration stores and a big shopping center. If you prefer staying in Rotterdam city center, you could go to the market to get fresh food and the latest bargains!

    Have you shopped at Beurstraverse / Koopgoot Rotterdam?
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    One of the oldest shopping streets in Rotterdam. It connects the city center to the market square.

    Stroll through this upcoming and lively shopping street in Rotterdam with some one of a kind local stores.

  • OPENING HOURS Koopgoot Rotterdam

    koopgoot rotterdam

    These are the opening hours of the shops
    at Koopgoot / Beurstraverse Rotterdam:

    Mondaynoon - 6 pm
    Tuesday10 am - 6 pm
    Wednesday10 am - 6 pm
    Thursday10 am - 6 pm
    Friday10 am - 9 pm
    Saturday10 am - 6 pm
    Sundaynoon - 6 pm
  • PARKING Koopgoot Rotterdam

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    Beurstraverse / Koopgoot Mall
    Rotterdam by public transport
    You can easily get to the Koopgoot Mall by metro. The metro hub Beurs Rotterdam is located within this underground mall.

    Parking at Koopgoot Mall Rotterdam
    Pay to park your car in the Beursplein public parking. Also check out the webpage about parking in Rotterdam.

  • CONTACT Koopgoot Rotterdam

    Beurstraverse shopping Rotterdam

    Beurstraverse Koopgoot Rotterdam
    Beursplein, Rotterdam
    Website: www.beursplein-rotterdam.nl
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/beursplein

    Shop until you drop in Rotterdam for the latest fashion and gadgets in traffic free streets, big malls and markets.

    The main shopping street of Rotterdam with all mayor national retailers. No cars allowed here!

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