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  • Hollywood Music Hall Rotterdam

    Club Hollywood Music Hall in Rotterdam

    Hollywood Music Hall has closed!

    One of the best clubs in the Netherlands
    Several times, Hollywood Music Hall Rotterdam has been awarded  for being the best entertainment centre of the Netherlands. Hollywood Music Hall is not just a dance club, it's a complete nightlife area for youngsters (16+), containing several clubs and bars.

    With seven different party areas
    When you enter the Hollywood Music Hall trough Mainstreet you feel like you're in Hollywood. From the mainstreet you can go to one of the many different areas within Hollywood Music Hall. Visit Danceplanet in the main hall with club, house and popular music. Here you can enjoy spectacular lasershows, sexy dancers, smoke machines and moving stages! Or go to Partyplanet, where they play House and Hardstyle muisc all night long and have a drink in the Sangria and Exotics bar!

    R&B Planet and Party Café
    But there's much more to explore within Hollywood Music Hall like the R&B Planet where you can dance on hip-hop, R&B and Bubbling music. Or have a look in Planet 21 and party on one of the rotating stages on R&B, danceclassics and popular music. Hardcore fans must visit The Basement where they can enjoy the raw sounds and hard basses of Hardcore, Hardstyle, Early Rave and Tek music. For the ones that love Dutch music and early disco classics there's a Party Café where it's one big party all night!

    Chill out at the Lounge Beach
    If you would like to relax or cool down, visit the outdoor Lounge Beach with jacuzzi's, lounge corners and lots of sand! Don't forget to see the relax in the Slam! Lounge and the TMF Cafe to watch the people in the Mainstreet.

    HMH Rotterdam Tickets
    Many parties are being organized in the Hollywood Music hall, so please check their website to see what's coming up. Admission on Friday night is €8,00 and on Saturday night €9,00.

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    Clubs & Bars
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  • OPENING HOURS Hollywood Music Hall Rotterdam

    Hollywood Music Hall Rotterdam

    These are the opening hours of Club Hollywood Music Hall:

    Monday Closed
    Tuesday Closed
    Wednesday Closed
    Thursday Closed
    Friday 10 pm - 5 am
    Saturday 10 pm - 5 am
    Sunday Closed
  • PARKING Hollywood Music Hall Rotterdam

    HMH Rotterdam by public transport
    Club Hollywood Rotterdam is located in the city centre at Delftsestraat 15, in walking distance from Central Station. Plan your trip at www.9292.nl. It's free of charge. To travel by public transport in Rotterdam you must purchase a travel chip card first.

    Parking HMH Rotterdam
    You can park in the Kruiskade-Stad Rotterdam Public Parking or in the surrounding streets, but you'll have to pay to park in Rotterdam city centre until 11 pm by EC card or creditcard.

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