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  • LantarenVenster Rotterdam

    Cultural cinema in Rotterdam
    LantarenVenster is a small art cinema and theatre at Wilhelminapier in the south of Rotterdam close to Hotel New York and the New Luxor Theatre. The movie theatre contains five small screens, where non-commercial films from the alternative circuit can be watched. Furthermore, LantarenVenster has an intimate theatre with a focus on Jazz music, which makes this theater a hotspot during the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam.

    Movie Agenda LantarenVenster Rotterdam
    LantarenVenster's programme includes new releases of art movies, mainly European and Asian. All movies are carefully selected and give insight in new worlds. There are expirimental movies, movies with new talents and amateur movies. In addition to the new releases you can watch film classics and documentaries at LantarenVenster. One thing is for sure: you won't find any Hollywood blockbusters here! That is why LantarenVenster is the epicentre of the International Film Festival in Rotterdam.

    Children's films at LantarenVenster in Rotterdam
    LantarenVenster shows a special and inspiring programme for kids, that usually doesn't include the Disney movies that you could watch in any other cinema in Rotterdam. These family movies are shown on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon, even daily during school holidays. Every monday evening you can enjoy a sneak preview in LantarenVenster and watch a movie that hasn't been released yet.

    Cinema Café/restaurant LantarenVenster
    Before or after the movie, LantarenVenster offers the opportunity to have a drink or a bite at their restaurant. On warm days you can sit outside at the terrace along the river. Every last Sunday a special movie and breakfast package deal is available as well.

  • International Film Festival Rotterdam
    International Film Festival Rotterdam
    Be the first to see premieres and try outs from all over the world at the IFFR Rotterdam!

    North Sea Jazz
    North Sea Jazz
    Visit the worlds biggest indoor jazz festival in Rotterdam with artists from all over the world!

  • OPENING HOURS LantarenVenster Rotterdam

    Lantaren Venster movie theatre Rotterdam

    These are the opening hours of the restaurant of LantarenVenster:

    Monday11:30 am - 1 am
    Tuesday11:30 am - 1 am
    Wednesday11:30 am - 1 am
    Thursday11:30 am - 1 am
    Friday11:30 am - 1 am
    Saturday11:30 am - 1 am
    Sunday10 am - 1 am
  • PARKING LantarenVenster Rotterdam

    Public transport to LantarenVenster Rotterdam
    The LantarenVenster cinema is located on Wilhelminapier at Otto Reuchlinweg 996 near the Erasmus Bridge, on the ground floor of the New Orleans skyscraper. From Rotterdam Central Station, get there by metro (stop Wilhelminaplein) or tram 20 or 25 and walk from there. Travel in style by Watertaxi, which stops just in front of Hotel New York. Plan your trip at www.9292.nl. It's free of charge. To travel by public transport in Rotterdam you must purchase a travel chip card first.

    Parking LantarenVenster Rotterdam
    Pay to park your car in the World Port Center parking, in the Q-Park underneath the Maas Tower, or in the surrounding streets, but you'll have to pay to park within Rotterdam city centre until 11 pm by EC card or creditcard. Please refer to our page about parking in Rotterdam. You can also get there by crossing the brand new Rijnhavenbrug pedestrian bridge from Katendrecht, the peninsula where museum steamer ss Rotterdam is moored.

  • CONTACT LantarenVenster Rotterdam

    LantarenVenster Rotterdam
    Otto Reuchlinweg 996, 3072 MD Rotterdam
    Tel: +31 (0)10 - 277 22 77
    Website: www.lantarenvenster.nl
    E-Mail: mail@lantarenvenster.nl
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LantarenVenster
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/lantarenvenster

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