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  • Hoek van Holland Beach The Netherlands

    Hoek van Holland Beach Holland

    Rotterdam Beach Hoek van Holland
    Although Hoek van Holland is located 24 km west of Rotterdam City, it's an official suburb. The little village which is translated 'Corner of the Netherlands' marks the beginning of the stretched out port of Rotterdam. Hoek van Holland village is situated adjacent to the New Waterway ship canal, whereas Hoek van Holland beach is at the North Sea side. Hoek van Holland village is quite boring, but as the beach is quite open and windy, it's a real kite surfers paradise.

    An industrial look...
    Hoek van Holland has an industrial looking beach as the harbour installations are clearly visible. From the beach you can see the passage of huge passenger cruise ships and the daily ferries to England. From Hoek van Holland village is only a stone's throw away from the Maeslant Storm Barrier that protects greater Rotterdam from flooding. You can do a tour through this impressive construction! The fortress of the Fort 1881 is located in Hoek van Holland as well. You can visit the fortress which is fun for kids!

    with an intimate atmosphere!
    Lying or strolling on the beach, you have an unobstructed view over the North Sea and some really good beach clubs are opened 365 days a year. Beach Club Royal offers a fine dinner on their wooden terrace and great day beds on the beach. Villa on the Beach is the best dance bar to visit at Hoek van Holland beach. For the best cup of coffee of Hoek van Holland visit beach joint 'Zwoel'. Hoek van Holland Beach offers full facilities such as a kids playground, a first aid department and a huge camping site. You can walk down the Queen Emmaboulevard from the village to the beach. Hoek van Holland offers wifi on all beaches at a fair daily rate.

    Hotels in Hoek van Holland
    There are a couple of smaller hotels available in Hoek van Holland village and near the beach. In the city centre (but still close to the beach) you can find two very popular hotels: Hotel Noordzee and the Grand hotel. Two other hotels in city centre are hotel Seepaerd and hotel Kuiperduin. Close to the dunes and the beach you can stay in the holiday apartments Stuifkenszand or the highly rated Bed & Breakfast Hotel Gestrand with view at the Nieuwe Waterweg. Press the button below for the complete Hoek van Holland Hotel Directory with lowest price guarantee.

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    Maasvlakte Beach
    Maasvlakte Beach
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    Rotterdam's rapid underground transport system rapidly takes you nearly anywhere within the city center and also to the suburbs.

    Fort 1881
    Fort 1881
    Experience bygone war days at the coastal defense museum at Hoek van Holland beach.

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  • PARKING Hoek van Holland Beach The Netherlands

    Hoek van Holland Strand Pavillion

    Hoek van Holland by public transport
    Get to Rotterdam beach in 30 minutes by train to Hoek van Holland Strand. From there it's a 20 minute walk. From Hoek van Holland Beach railway station, a small shuttleservice will bring you to the beach for €2,00 each. Plan your trip at www.9292.nl. It's free of charge. To travel by public transport in the Netherlands you must purchase a travel chip card first. Total trip time is 50 minutes. In 2018 the Hoek van Holland Beach Metro will be finished and you'll stop directly at the final station at the sea side!

    Parking at Hoek van Holland
    If you come by car take motorway A20 and follow direction Hoek van Holland. On a sunny weekend day, there are a lot of traffic jams to and from Hoek van Holland beach, as there's only one single road. The big parking lot in walking distance from the beach is free, but on a hot summer day it will be full. There are also plenty of free parking spots at Hoek van Holland, but you'll have to walk further. The nearest free parking in Hoek van Holland is located at Strandboulevard and at Badweg passing the Jagershuis.

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  • CONTACT Hoek van Holland Beach Netherlands

    Hoek van Holland Strand terrasjes

    VVV Tourist information
    Hoek van Holland

    Prins Hendrikstraat 281,  Hoek van Holland
    Tel: +31 (0)174 519 570
    Website: www.gethoekt.nl
    Parkeren: www.parkeerexpress.nl
    Prijzen: http://www.rotterdam.nl/parkereninhoekvanholland

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