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  • Scheveningen Beach Holland

    Scheveningen Beach Holland

    Brand new Scheveningen Boulevard
    Scheveningen is the number one beach resort for people from both Rotterdam and Den Haag. The main tourist attractions are the wide sandy beaches, the harbour, the bars and restaurants, the lighthouse, the brand new boulevard and the famous Scheveningen pier. Scheveningen harbour offers many fine restaurants and bars specialized in fresh seafood. North of the harbour you'll find find the most popular beach area with lots of lounge bars. Lots of hot party people visit this area, but many families are attracted to the beaches as well. Don't forget your tanning lotion!

    Can't find a parking spot in Scheveningen?
    On a hot summer day, it will be nearly impossible to find a free parking spot in Scheveningen. It will even be difficult to find a free spot at the beach, so you have to show up early! However, at the parkinglot P+R Hoornwijck there's alway space enough. The Kurhaus Kurhaus Beach is always packed as the beaches at Zwarte Pad (just walk north) are a bit more peaceful. The beach area at the harbour focusses on families.

    Don't feel like sand in your shoes in Scheveningen?
    You can stroll along the nice boulevard with many fun attractions for kids like playgrounds, a carrousel, mini-scooters, and arcade games. Don't feel like a big dinner? There are many booths where you can eat fresh seafood including some very tasty local specialties. On a rainy day you can visit the Pathé movie theatre, the casino, the theatre, the bowling alley or the Palace Promenade indoor shopping mall. The big Sealife aquarium has sharks, stingrays and sea turtles. The Scheveningen pier offers an elevated walk over the sea, while you enjoy the shops. Thrill seekers can even bungee jump the lookout tower! Climbing the Scheveningen lighthouse is fun to do and enjoy the view over the beach. Famous attractions near to Scheveningen are miniature city Madurodam and the amusement park Duinrell.

    Festivals in Scheveningen
    During the year, all kinds of festivals are being organized in Scheveningen. The International Fireworks Festival and the Sandsculpture Festival are the highlights. Most tourists visit Scheveningen on a hot summer day, but this beach resort is worth a visit 365 days a year. It has become a tradition in the Netherlands that the New Year is kicked off with a Polar Bear Dip. (Nieuwjaarsduik) Over 10.000 Dutchmen are crazy enough to swim in the ice cold North Sea water...

    Hotels in Scheveningen
    There are lots of hotels available in Scheveningen! What else can you expect from a popular beach resort? The most famous hotel is the striking Kurhaus Hotel of the Steigenberger Group, which is located directly on the boulevard. The 4 star Kurhaus is a real eye-catcher in this old fishermen village! The other 4 star Carlton Beach Hotel is located on the boulevard as well. Both hotels offer a high standard of luxury at an upmarket hotel rate. Scheveningen offers hotels in a lower price range as well. Press the button below for the complete Scheveningen and Den Haag Hotel Directory with lowest price guarantee.

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  • STORE HOURS Scheveningen Beach Holland

    Scheveningen Store Opening hours

    Store hours Scheveningen May-August:

    Monday 10 am - 10 pm
    Tuesday 10 am - 10 pm
    Wednesday 10 am - 10 pm
    Thursday 10 am - 10 pm
    Friday 10 am - 10 pm
    Saturday 10 am - 10 pm
    Sunday 10 am - 10 pm

    Remark: During low-season, stores in Scheveningen close earlier.

  • PARKING Scheveningen Beach Holland

    Scheveningen by public transport
    Scheveningen is a district of The Hague, 30 km north of Rotterdam. From Rotterdam Central Station, get there by train to The Hague Central Station or The Hague Hollands Spoor. A slower but cheaper alternative is by lightrail to The Hague Central Station. From The Hague Central Station change to tram line 9 or bus 22 to Scheveningen. From The Hague Hollands Spoor change to tram line 1 or 9 to Scheveningen. Plan your trip at www.9292.nl. It's free of charge. To travel by public transport in the Netherlands you must purchase a travel chip card first. Total trip time is 50 minutes.

    Scheveningen by car
    If you come by car take highways A13, A4 and A12 and follow direction Den Haag and Scheveningen. Park your car at the Noordelijk Havenhoofd parking lot (€15,70 per day, near Scheveningen Harbour). Other public parkings are located within Scheveningen centre near the Kurhaus. In most streets you are not allowed to park without a permit.

    Go cheap: Park and Ride Hoornwijck
    When big events take place, all roads to Scheveningen will be congested. In that case, be smart and park your car just outside Scheveningen at P+R Hoornwijck. Follow directions Hoornwijck at the motorway. For your navigation: Laan van Hoornwijck 55 - Rijswijk. The so called Strandexpress (tram line 5) will bring you to the beach in 10 minutes from there. Parking and tram tickets are cheap: €2,00 for 4 persons!

    Visit attractions in greater Rotterdam & The Hague on a Tourist Day Ticket
    The Tourist Day Ticket is a disposable Transport-Debitcard, which entitles you to one day of unlimited travel by public transport (bus, tram, metro and Waterbus) within greater Rotterdam and The Hague. This cheap ticket is sold at the Tourist Information Offices of Rotterdam (Rotterdam.info), The Hague, Leiden, Ouddorp, Rockanje and Delft, at most railway stations and at many hotels in Rotterdam, The Hague and Scheveningen.

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