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  • Euromast Rotterdam

    Euromast Rotterdam Panorama Platform

    See Rotterdam from 185 meters height!
    The Euromast  is the highest lookout tower in the Netherlands and gives you an amazing view over Rotterdam and beyond. High-speed elevators take you to the main platform at a height of 100 meters in only a matter of seconds.

    View Antwerp from the top of the tower
    From the platform you can see the city skyline with all its landmarks like the Erasmus bridge, the port, the Feyenoord stadium, Hotel New York and many other things. But that's only the intermediate height: you can experience a ride in the rotating and transparent Euroscoop to the top of the tower at a height of 185 meters! (607 feet) From here you can see as far as the cooling towers of Antwerp (Belgium) or The Hague at the seaside. That's what we call Rotterdam from a different perspective!

    Luxury Sleeping at the Euromast
    After an exciting trip to the top you can descend to the platform again, relax and have something to eat or drink at the restaurant while enjoying the beautiful view. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is served here. If you don’t suffer from vertigo, you can even consider spending the night at 112 meters height as the Euromast Rotterdam offers two high end luxury suites, appropiately called Heaven and Stars!

    Rope or slide down the Euromast
    If the ride to the top of the tower isn’t enough excitement for you yet, Euromast offers some big action for real thrill seekers. What about roping down the Euromast from the viewing platform at 100 meters? Or sliding down along a rope with a speed of 100 km per hour? Do it at the Euromast! Here you can read more about roping down the Euromast.

    Have lunch or dinner at the Euromast
    To have dinner or lunch at Brasserie Euromast (at 96m.) you have to pay entrance fee to the panorama tower first, but then you are free to make a ride to the top of the tower (185m.) before or after dinner as well. We especially recommend the GoodMorningRotterdam! Sunday brunch, which by the way includes the Euromast entrance fee. If you don't want to pay the admission, try the tarte flambée at Deli, the coffee corner at Euromast ground level. At Deli there's also a Kids Club and coffee to go. For more information check our page about the Euromast restaurant.

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    Welcome Card
    Welcome Card
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    Do you have the guts to slide or rope down the Euromast in Rotterdam from 100 m? Only for daredevils!

    Hotel Euromast
    Hotel Euromast
    Spend a romantic night in the suite Heaven or Stars with an unprecedented panorama of greater Rotterdam.

    Discover the wide range of fun attractions in Rotterdam! Click here for an overview.

    Brasserie Euromast
    Brasserie Euromast
    Have dinner or lunch at at a height of 100 meters with a great view at Rotterdam. Enjoy the romantic candle light dinner at night!

  • OPENING HOURS Euromast Rotterdam

    Panorama from the Euromast in Rotterdam

    These are the opening hours of the Euromast Tower:

    Monday9:30 am - 11 pm
    Tuesday9:30 am - 11 pm
    Wednesday9:30 am - 11 pm
    Thursday9:30 am - 11 pm
    Friday9:30 am - 11 pm
    Saturday9:30 am - 11 pm
    Sunday9:30 am - 11 pm
    Monday10 am - 11 pm
    Tuesday10 am - 11 pm
    Wednesday10 am - 11 pm
    Thursday10 am - 11 pm
    Friday10 am - 11 pm
    Saturday10 am - 11 pm
    Sunday10 am - 11 pm

    The viewing platforms are open till 10 pm and the last ride of the Euroscoop starts at 9:45 pm.

    Roping and sliding down the Euromast can be done in the weekends from May till October.

  • TICKETS Euromast Rotterdam

    Abseiling from the Euromast in Rotterdam

    These are the rates for the Euromast in Rotterdam:

    Children under 4Free
    Age 4 through 11€6,10
    Adults age 12 through 64€9,50
    Age 65 and above€8,50
    Climbing or Abseiling€52,50

    Discount Euromast
    When you buy a Rotterdam Welcome Card you will get a huge discount on entry to the Euromast.

  • PARKING Euromast Rotterdam

    Euromast Rotterdam by public transport
    The Euromast is located at Parkhaven 20 next to the city park and close to the museumpark. From Rotterdam Central Station, get there by tram line 8 and stop at Euromast or by metro, stop Dijkzigt and walk from there. Plan your trip with the public transport planning site www.9292.nl. It's free of charge. To travel by public transport in Rotterdam you must purchase a travel chip card first.

    Parking near the Euromast
    There is parking space available on the streets in front of the Euromast, but you must pay to park with a special chip card or creditcard. The chip card is a.o. availble at the Euromast reception. Please check our page about parking in Rotterdam for more information.

  • CONTACT Euromast Rotterdam

    Euromast panorama rotterdam holland

    Euromast Rotterdam
    Parkhaven 20, 3016 GM Rotterdam
    Tel: +31 (0)10 - 4364811
    Fax: +31 10-4362280

    CONTACT about roping and sliding down the Euromast can be found on our page about roping down the Euromast.

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