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    ss Rotterdam: Welcome on board!
    Steamship ss Rotterdam is a former cruise ship of Holland-America Line (HAL) which has been in use for more than 40 years to transport emigrants between Rotterdam and New York and to carry cruise passengers around the world. Nowadays the majestic ship is open for the public for free and it contains a unique hotel, a restaurant and business facilities as well. The ss Rotterdam often offers live music and there are plenty of activities.

    The glory days of ss Rotterdam
    Steamship Rotterdam was launched by Queen Juliana with a gala ceremony on 13 September 1958 and started to carry out commercial transport in summer 1959. It was the last great Dutch 'ship of state', employing the finest Dutch craftsmen during its construction. At the time that the Rotterdam was built, the beginning of the end of ocean liners as basic transport was visible on the horizon. The designers kept this in mind and created a revolutionary vessel, a two-class, horizontally divided ship with movable partitions and a unique double staircase that allowed the ship to be converted into a cruise ship in a later stage.

    The rise and fall of ss Rotterdam
    The steamer had been in use for 10 years with Holland-America Line for transatlantic service between Rotterdam and New York before it was converted into a cruise ship. From 1969 the ship was used on cruises to the Caribbean and Alaska and occasionally on world cruises which were very popular by rich Americans. In 1997 The ss Rotterdam was purchased by Premier Cruise and was renamed to SS Rembrandt, but the company was forced to layup the ship after a sudden financial collapse.

    grand ball room ss rotterdam

    Full restoration of ss Rotterdam
    After years of being idle, it was decided to return steamship Rotterdam to its home port Rotterdam and to open the ship as a tourist attraction, hotel and restaurant. After an overhaul project the ship returned to Rotterdam in 2008. At present, the magnificent ss Rotterdam is a museum steamer. You can admire the original art, the machine rooms, the passenger decks, the captain's room and the control bridge. The gift shop offers some trendy Rotterdam-souvenirs. Spend a couple of hours on board and have breakfast, lunch or dinner in one of the bars and restaurants or simply enjoy the beautiful view at the Rotterdam skyline from the passenger decks.

    Audio guided tours on board the ss Rotterdam
    Join one of the tours and enjoy the beauty of the steamship Rotterdam, including the showpieces of great architects and designers of the post-war reconstruction of the Netherlands. Guided by an audio phone with the directions and naval stories of the shiphosts, you'll follow the tour route at your own pace.

    Sea Breeze Deluxe Tour

    The Sea Breeze Deluxe Tour guides you to the bow, the bridge and gives you a glimpse of the wheelhouse, the captain’s cabin, the rear deck and sports facilities. The authentic ball rooms - if available - are still as impressive as in the glory days. This tour offers an impression of what life was like on board in bygone days.

    Way Down Below Tour
    If you're interested in propulsion and technical stuff under the water line, the Way Down Below Tour is the right tour for you! Discover the engine rooms, the commanding control panel with all its levers and switches and the generator room.

    Rotterdam Complete Tour

    If you want to see (nearly) everything the Rotterdam Complete Tour is the one to choose. It includes the Sea breeze Deluxe Tour but it also allows you to dive deep into the belly of the impressive ship and admire the engine rooms, the imposing boiler hold, the authentic radio room and the commanding control panel.

    Sandwich Tour
    Join the Sea Breeze Deluxe Tour and after that, enjoy a delicious Club Sandwich or a children's menu and two drinks per person. So, join the ss Rotterdam Sandwich Tour and the impressive view on the skyline of Rotterdam is included!

    Kids Tour
    The ss Rotterdam is also fun for kids! Children do the Sea Breeze Deluxe Tour together with their parents, but their audio phone tells an exciting story especially for kids. During the ss Rotterdam Kids Tour, your kids learn how to make knots and the morse code just like a real sailor!

    Technique under the water line Tour
    This special tour is for visitors who want to know all about the technique on board. Every second Sunday of the month, you can admire the decks below the waterline, the engine room and the boiler room, which are still nearly completely original. Prior to this tour, you'll get an interesting presentation by ss Rotterdam engineers.

    Sightseeing Tours with a guide on the ss Rotterdam
    If you prefer a tour with a guide, make a reservation in advance. Personal guide from €100 per tour, excluding the tour rate. Some tour guides are former HAL employees and they will amaze you with exciting stories about the ship.

    engine room ss rotterdam

    Restaurants on board the ss Rotterdam
    If you want to have dinner on board, there are a couple of restaurants. The Club Room, Lido, Captains Lounge and the Ocean Bar have been visited by royals, world famous musicians and cosmopolitans in the past and can now be visited by you!

    Lido Restaurant ss Rotterdam

    The Lido Restaurant on the Promenade Deck has a beautiful view at the quay and the Euromast. Here you can have lunch or dinner, or just have a cup of coffee. On a sunny day, enjoy the view at the skyline of Rotterdam on their huge wooden outdoor terrace. With a cocktail in your hand and your feet in the pool it's time to relax! Find out more about the Lido restaurant...

    Captains Lounge
    The prominent bar at the posh Captains Lounge on the Main Deck is the place to be on board the ss Rotterdam for a delicious cup of coffee with a sandwich, a high tea, high wine or just have a sip of cold beer with a cheese platter and some hot snacks.

    Ocean Bar

    If you just want to have some drinks and a snack, the Ocean Bar is the right place. The authentic wave-shaped bar has a ceiling decorated with fish scales. The 50-year-old grand piano in this bar is still in use and the Ocean Bar and the Promenade Deck often offer free live-music as well.

    Club Room

    Do you want to enjoy a dinner in style, a high tea or a brunch? The Club Room is an intimate restaurant where the atmosphere of the roaring sixties comes back to life, mainly because of the original works of art that are still present. Even the Captain’s table is still present in the Club Room. In the open kitchen you can see how your meal is being prepared.

    The ss Rotterdam Hotel
    If you really want to experience what's it's like to spend the night on board old fashioned cruise ship you can stay in the hotel on the ss Rotterdam. There are several theme rooms that make you feel like you are on a cruise around the world in the 1950s! The cabins are decorated in different themes; you can choose from Original, Bahamas and Manhattan.

    Booking a hotel room on the ss Rotterdam
    Full accommodation information can be found on www.ssrotterdam.nl/uk/hotel, where you can make a hotel reservation or book a package deal to combine your stay on board with a visit to Blijdorp Zoo, the Euromast or a harbour tour with Spido. Most ss Rotterdam package deals also include a dinner in one of the on board restaurants.

    Best room price ss Rotterdam Hotel
    If you’re interested in the best room rates for the hotel (no package deals), please click the link below:

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    ss Rotterdam Hotel
    ss Rotterdam Hotel
    Spend the night on board of the famous museum steamship SS Rotterdam.

  • OPENING HOURS Museum Steamer ss Rotterdam

    ss Rotterdam opening hours

    These are the opening hours of the tours on the ss Rotterdam:

    Monday10 am - 5 pm
    Tuesday10 am - 5 pm
    Wednesday10 am - 5 pm
    Thursday10 am - 5 pm
    Friday10 am - 5 pm
    Saturday10 am - 5 pm
    Sunday10 am - 5 pm

    The last tour starts one hour before closing time.

  • TICKETS Museum Steamer ss Rotterdam

    Admission to the ss Rotterdam is free but if you want to see all the highlights we recommend that you take a tour.

    These are the rates for the tours of the ss Rotterdam:

    Sea Breeze Deluxe Tour
    Way Down Below Tour
    Kids Tour
    Children under 4Free
    Age 4 through 12€7,50
    Adults age 13 and above€12,50
    Rotterdam Complete Tour
    Children under 4Free
    Age 4 through 12€9,50
    Adults age 13 and above€16,00
    Sandwich Tour
    Children under 4Free
    Age 4 through 12€18,50
    Adults age 13 and above€22,50
    Technique Tour
    All ages, advance booking!€19,95

    Discount ss Rotterdam Tours
    When you buy a Rotterdam Welcome Card you will get a huge discount on entry to the ss Rotterdam tours. With a combination ticket you can visit ss Rotterdam and Miniworld Rotterdam, Euromast, Spido or SplashTours at a reduced rate.

  • PARKING Museum Steamer ss Rotterdam

    ss Rotterdam by public transport
    Steamship Rotterdam is located at 3e Katendrechtse Hoofd 25 at the Katendrecht peninsula in the South of Rotterdam. From Rotterdam Central Station, get there by metro and stop at Rijnhaven. From there you have to walk a couple of minutes, or alternatively ride bus line 77 and stop at 3e Katendrechtse Hoofd. Plan your trip at www.9292.nl. It's free of charge. To travel by public transport in Rotterdam you must purchase a travel chip card first.

    Parking at ss Rotterdam
    If you come by car you can park on the quayside, directly in front of the museum ship on the ss Rotterdam parking lot. Parking charges are €3.00 per hour or €15.00 for a full day. You could also park in the surrounding streets of the peninsula Katendrecht, but you'll have to pay to park with a special chip card or creditcard to park in Rotterdam.

    Pedestrian map to ss Rotterdam
    Pedestrians can get to ss Rotterdam from Hotel New York by crossing the brand new Rijnhavenbrug Bridge. With the special pedestrian map 'back and forth', which is available for free both at Hotel New York and ss Rotterdam, you will experience the unique maritime history of the Katendrecht district.

    ss Rotterdam by boat
    Travel in style and take a water taxi from the city centre or anywhere within the Rotterdam harbour area.

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