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  • School museum Dordrecht

    school museum rotterdam

    The School museum has moved to Dordrecht and has closed in Rotterdam.

    Education throughout the years
    Education is nothing new and has existed since the dawn of man, but throughout the years education did change a lot. In the School Museum you can learn everything about the history of education. Go back to the time when grandpa and grandma were still in school and see how they received education!

    Everything that was ever used in education
    From the 19th century till today, the School Museum practically has everything that was ever used in the history of education. All teaching methods, writing tools like a slate pencil and a slate (a kind of pencil and a small black plank on which could be written to learn how to write and do math) to other tools are being displayed in the School Museum. You will find the much known reading board with 'Ape, Nut and Mies' (Aap, Noot, Mies in Dutch) which whole generations of children learned to read and write with, but also all other variants which for example were used in the former East-Indian colony (now known as Indonesia). The museum has a very extensive collection on display which allows you to take a step back in time and see how things used to look like. Study books, original prints, writing materials, abacuses, blackboards, break bells, physical exercise tools; it's all there.

    Specially for children
    Education is of course mainly targeted on children, so what would the School Museum be if it did not have special activities for children?  Therefore the School Museum organizes different activities for children during school holidays in the children atelier of the School Museum. In this atelier children can keep themselves busy with fun school activities. The School Museum always offer a fit program for children so that the adults as well as the children can have a wonderful day out.

    A fun and very informative day trip
    Back then everything was different; electronic calculators didn't exist, let alone computers, so it is always very interesting and fun to see how this all was done back then. From slate pencils and slates to notebooks and exercise books, from study books for teachers to study books for students, homework, schoolbags, even the school milk was different back then. If you want to know about how everything looked back then, plan a fun day out to the School Museum, and be sure to take the children with you as well!

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  • OPENING HOURS School Museum Dordrecht

    These are the opening hours of School Museum:

    Tuesday10:00 - 5 pm
    Wednesday10:00 - 5 pm
    Thursday10:00 - 5 pm
    Friday10:00 - 5 pm
    Saturday13:00 - 5 pm
    Sunday13:00 - 5 pm

    The museum is closed at 1 January, 30 April and 25 December.

  • TICKETS School Museum Dordrecht

    These are the rates for the School Museum in Dordrecht:

    Children under 13


    Age 13 through 18


    Age 18 and above


  • PARKING School Museum Dordrecht

    The School Museum is located in Rotterdam city centre at the Nieuwstraat 1a close to the Blaak station. From Rotterdam Central Station, get there by train, metro, bus or tram to station Blaak and walk from there.

    If you come by car you can park your car in the streets or in the Kiphof parking.

  • CONTACT Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum Dordrecht

    More information can be found on the Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum internet site or by contacting them directly.

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