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  • Alexandrium Mall Rotterdam

    alexandrium rotterdam

    Alexandrium Mall Rotterdam: over 200 stores!
    Alexandrium Rotterdam is the biggest shopping mall in greater Rotterdam and with more than 200 stores it is one of biggest indoor (partially outdoor) shopping malls in the Netherlands. With a wide variety of specialty shops, the Alexandrium Mall is a true walhalla for millions of shopping addicts per year and it's the place to be for fashionistas in Rotterdam!

    Alexandrium Mall Rotterdam =
    Shopping Center + Megastores + Home Decoration

    The Alexandrium Mall consists of three interconnected areas. The indoor Alexandrium Shopping Center (formerly called ‘Oosterhof’) focuses on fashion, gifts, shoes, jewellery and basically all shops you would expect in a huge indoor shopping mall are located here. The second area is the Alexandrium Megastores area and it's located next to the shopping center. The name says it all: this is a strip with a couple of big flagship stores. The third area is called the Alexandrium 'Woonmall', which focuses on everything related to home decoration and interior design.

    Alexandrium Shopping Center Rotterdam
    The Alexandrium Shopping Center (also called Alexandrium I) is located on level 1 above the street. Opposite the south entrance to the Alexandrium shopping center (facing McDonalds) you'll find one of the firm favourites among shoppers, namely Primark. This Primark branch attracts many visitors to the Alexandrium, especially young girls travel from anywhere in the Netherlands. They sell women's clothing, shoes and accessories at bargain prices, but be prepared for long lines at the fitting rooms and counters! Inside the Alexandrium shopping center, you will find many well-known (Dutch) chain stores, such as C&A, Jeans Center, Aktie Sport, Steps, Vero Moda, We and MS Mode (fashion), Dolcis (shoes), the Adidas Originals Store, Sabon (body care) and Livera (lingerie). If you continue your Alexandrium shopping tour along the HEMA department store, the Spanish perfumerie Equivalenza and Douglas perfumery, you will pass over a road at street level and you will get to another section of the Alexandrium Shopping Center. This section also offers mainly chain stores such as G-Star, The Sting, McGregor, Score, Only, Men at Work, Esprit, Jack & Jones, Coolcat, H&M, Zara (fashion), van den Assem (elegant shoes), America Today and the XL Albert Heijn supermarket. At the Kruidvat drugstore keep right and pass over a road at street level again towards La Place restaurant with a large outdoor terrace. Here you'll also find Rituals (body care), Kennedy (fashion), Nelson (shoes) and Kijkshop at street level. Now take the escalators down and you will get to the Alexandrium Megastores.

    Alexandrium Megastores Rotterdam
    The Alexandrium Megastores are located outside, but a cover offers you shelter on a rainy day. The Alexandrium Megastores are also called Alexandrium II and here you'll find 16 big stores with a very wide range of goods. This area of the Alexandrium offer the following Megastores: Burger King, Bristol, Toys XL, Media Markt (electronics), Big BazarBlokker (home accessories), Intersport Daka, Halfords (car and bike accessories), Block (electronics), Xenos (home accessories), Prénatal (baby and mothercare), Shabu Shabu (sushi restaurant), Sports World Rotterdam, Pets Place, Keukenconcurrent (kitchens) and Roobol (home decoration). If you walk along Roobol, you will enter the area of Alexandrium Woonmall.

    alexandrium mall rotterdam megastores

    Alexandrium Home Decoration Mall Rotterdam
    The third area of Alexandrium is fully dedicated to home decoration (in Dutch: Woonmall), or simply called Alexandrium III. The Alexandrium Home Decoration Mall consists of three levels with furniture stores, mainly of well-known Dutch chain stores. On the ground floor you will find Grando Keukens (kitchens), Beter Bed, Hästens (beds), Kosnova (furniture), Hoogenboezem (furniture), the huge Bruynzeel Keukens store (kitchens), the stylish Italian Natuzzi store, Montèl (sofas) and Rivièra Maison with all kinds of gadgets and gifts to make your house feel like your home. Rivièra Maison Rotterdam is definitely worth a visit, because there's a historic house (Polderhuis) from 1932 located within their store. The Alexandrium Mall was simply built around it! The first floor of the Alexandrium Home Decoration Mall offers Lederland (leather furniture), Goossens Wonen (furniture), Hulshoff Design Centers (furniture) and many stores that offer beds and matrasses such as Swiss Sense, Tempur, DroomDomein and Auping Plaza. In the middle of the first floor you will find the Amac Apple Store, which seems to be hovering between the other shops. At the second floor of the Alexandrium Home Decoration Mall, you'll find another 30 furniture stores such as Sanders Meubelstad, Lundia, Echt Wonen, Van Der Wilt Wonen, Houweling Interieur and Piet Klerkx, but also Tulp Keukens (kitchens), Keuken Kampioen (kitchens) and Goossens Slapen (beds). On the roof of the Alexandrium Home Decoration Mall there is a large parking deck.

    Woonmall Alexandrium Rotterdam

    Restaurants in the Alexandrium Mall
    Alexandrium means shop until you drop, but if you are hungry or want to take a break, there are several eateries. For example, try a Surinamese sandwich at Chinny's Lunchroom. This little eatery is located in a unique zeppelin shaped building, so no straight walls here. Their Illy coffee is excellent. Chinny's is located between the Megastores and the Home Decoration Mall. Within the Alexandrium shopping centre, a branch of the American chain Cinnabon is located opposite the Albert Heijn supermarket. Their sweet pastries are simply delicious! Brasserie Balans is an eatery located within the Home Decoration Mall, but you can also get a stylish snack and drink at Grand-Café Hip Alexandrium (Kleine Beer 12, on street level between the Megastores and the Alexandrium shopping center). Both Burger King and the La Place self-service restaurant are centrally located. La Place has a huge wooden outdoor terrace which is frequented by business people during the lunch break.

    Clearance at Alexandrium Mall Rotterdam
    The Alexandrium season’s clearance tends to start a bit earlier in the Netherlands compared to other European countries: Summer Sale starts mid June and Winter Sale from mid December. To find a free parking spot at the Alexandrium Mall in Rotterdam is sometimes a challenge, especially during the weekend. Visit this mall early, on weekdays, or travel by public transport!

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  • STORE HOURS Alexandrium Rotterdam

    Alexandrium Rotterdam Woonmall

    Opening hours
    Alexandrium Shopping Center

    Monday 11 am - 6 pm
    Tuesday 9 am - 6 pm
    Wednesday 9 am - 6 pm
    Thursday 9 am - 6 pm
    Friday 9 am - 9 pm
    Saturday 9 am - 6 pm
    Sunday noon - 5 pm

    Opening hours Woonmall Alexandrium

    Monday1 pm - 5:30 pm
    Tuesday10 am - 5:30 pm
    Wednesday10 am - 5:30 pm
    Thursday10 am - 5:30 pm
    Friday10 am - 9 pm
    Saturday10 am - 5:30 pm
    Sundaynoon - 5 pm
  • PARKING Alexandrium Mall Rotterdam

    Getting to Alexandrium by car
    The address for car navigation is Watermanweg 231 in Rotterdam. Alexandrium is easily accessible via motorway A20 (Rotterdam - Utrecht), take exit 16 Prins Alexander and follow directions towards Alexandrium.

    Parking at Alexandrium shopping Mall
    There are three indoor parking lots. Parking rates are fair compared to parking in the city centre, but generally slightly more expensive on Fridays and Saturdays. Payment is available both in cash and with creditcard or chipcard. Most visitors want to park their car next door, which causes long queues. During the weekend you can avoid annoying waiting times by parking your car on the outdoors parking lot in front of the Coca Cola office. On weekdays this parking is not accessible.

    Getting to Alexandrium by public transport
    By train, stop at Railway station Rotterdam Alexander. Getting there by metro is also easy: stop at Alexander and you are in the middle of it all after a 2 minute walk. Plan your trip at www.9292.nl. It's free of charge. To travel by public transport in Rotterdam you must purchase a travel chip card first.

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