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  • Roparun Rotterdam

    Roparun Rotterdam Sponsor Run

    Roparun: athletes against cancer
    The Roparun is a relay race of over 500 km from Paris to Rotterdam. Because of the great interest of participants, in 2012 the second starting city Hamburg was added to the Roparun. Roparun contestants participate as a team of 8 runners, accompanied by cyclists and supporting vehicles. Each runner covers a distance of over 1 ½ marathon! The purpose of the Roparun is not only a quick track time, but also to raise money for various charities, but especially for research and treatment of cancer. Buy a few lottery tickets from a Roparunner or join one of their sponsor events!

    Roparun Finish at Coolsingel Rotterdam
    Over 300 Roparun teams depart from Paris or Hamburg to finish simultaneously at Rotterdam Coolsingel on Whit Monday. The route from Paris to Rotterdam takes the Roparunners about 30 hours and the stretch from Hamburg to Rotterdam about 40 hours! A true struggle against exhaustion... In most cities in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany which the Roparunners pass by, many special festivities are organized, but no doubt you'll have the purest Roparun-experience at the Roparun finish line Rotterdam!

    Inauguration of the Roparun winners
    The fastest teams and the teams with the highest sponsor revenues will be honoured at the Roparun Final Party in Club Alcazar in Puttershoek, a few weeks after the finish in Rotterdam. On that night also the total Roparun sponsor revenues will be revealed. During the past Roparun editions already more than 50 million euros were raised!

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    Rotterdam Marathon
    Rotterdam Marathon
    Ten thousands of runners try to break the world record on one of the fastest tracks in the world.

    Lifestyle running event for women: shopping and sports for charity!

  • ROUTE Roparun Rotterdam

    Route Roparun Hamburg - Rotterdam
    HAMBURG - Bremen - Emmen - Almelo - Deventer - Apeldoorn - Ede - Wageningen - Ridderkerk - Barendrecht - ROTTERDAM

    Route Roparun Paris - Rotterdam
    PARIS - Brussels - Dendermonde - Antwerpen - Bergen op Zoom - Oud-Beijerland - Barendrecht - ROTTERDAM

    Roparun Finish Rotterdam Coolsingel by public transport
    The Roparun teams finish in the heart of Rotterdam: Coolsingel. Get there train and stop at Central Station. Get even closer by Metro and stop at Stadhuis. Always check your connection first at the public transport planning site www.9292ov.nl. It's free of charge. To travel by public transport in Rotterdam you must purchase a travel chip card first.

    Roparun Rotterdam by car
    If you come by car, you can pay to park in numerous car parks in downtown Rotterdam. You might encounter some traffic nuisance, especially at major events!

  • DATES Roparun Rotterdam 2016

    The Roparun is an annual event in Rotterdam. The 25th edition takes place on Saturday 14 May till Monday 16 May 2016. The relay race starts in Hamburg and Paris and finishes in Rotterdam on Whitmonday afternoon.

    Roparun Hamburg Paris Rotterdam
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