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  • Ladiesrun Rotterdam

    Ladiesrun Rotterdam Sponsor Run

    Ladiesrun: ladies only!
    The Ladiesrun is one of the annual running events in Rotterdam, like the Bridge Run and the Rotterdam Marathon. The special thing about the Ladiesrun is that only women are allowed to participate!

    5 / 7.5 / 10 kilometer track
    During the Ladiesrun the runners can run three distances: 5, 7.5 or 10 kilometers. The event starts and finishes at the Ahoy multi-functional venue in Rotterdam and follows a track through the Zuiderpark, a green stretch in the South of Rotterdam. Spectators can support the runners everywhere along the track for free, but it's especially fun at the finish line, where a female DJ will play some stimulating beats. The Ladies Run Rotterdam offers a professional treatment facility as well. Participants (over 14) pay from €18,50 and become a goody bag and a free drink. These regular tickets are sold out early, but the €40,00 VIP tickets are always available.

    Ladies Fair Rotterdam Ahoy
    Besides the Ladiesrun itself, there are a lot of different stands and acts especially for women at the Ladies Fair in the Ahoy multifunctional building. Admission is free. Ladies Only is one of the key features of the Ladiesrun. After the finish there will be an award ceremony and a speech from the charity organization of the Ladiesrun, the Pink Ribbon foundation.

    Sponsoring Pink Ribbon
    During the Ladiesrun you are not just running for yourself, but also for charity. It makes sense that the charity linked to the Ladiesrun has to do with women! The Pink Ribbon foundation finances scientific research and improves the care for patients that suffer from breast cancer.

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    Rotterdam Marathon
    Rotterdam Marathon
    Ten thousands of runners try to break the world record on one of the fastest tracks in the world.

    Roparun Finish
    Roparun Finish
    Participate or cheer at the runners of the world's longest relay race from Hamburg and Paris to Rotterdam for charity!

  • COURSE Ladiesrun Rotterdam

    Course Ladiesrun Rotterdam
    Both Start and finish of the Ladiesrun take place at Ahoy Rotterdam, near the Zuidplein Mall. The track leads the runners through Zuiderpark and there is plenty of space for spectators along the course.

    Ladiesrun Rotterdam by public transport
    The Ladiesrun is held in Rotterdam's multifunctional centre Ahoy in the South of Rotterdam, near the Zuidplein Mall. You can easily reach Ahoy Rotterdam by Metro or Bus, stop Zuidplein. Always check your connection first at the public transport planning site www.9292ov.nl. It's free of charge. To travel by public transport in Rotterdam you must purchase a travel chip card first.

    Ladiesrun Rotterdam by car
    If you come by car, follow directions to Ahoy on the Ring Motorway (A15 South - exit Zuidplein/Ahoy). You can pay to park your car at the Ahoy parking lot. When travelling to Ahoy, you might encounter some traffic nuisance, especially at major events! Parking at Ahoy costs €12,50. If this parking lot is full, you can pay to park within 5 minute walking distance in the Zuidplein Mall garage.

  • DATES Ladiesrun Rotterdam 2016

    The Ladiesrun is an annual event in Rotterdam. The 10th edition takes place at Sunday 29 May 2016.
    The 5 km Ladies Run starts at 11:30 am and finishes at 00:30 pm.
    The 7.5 km Ladies Run starts at 12:45 pm and finishes at 1:55 pm.
    The 10 km Ladies Run starts at 2:15 pm and finishes at 3:45 pm.

    Ladiesrun Rotterdam start time
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