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  • Bed & Breakfast Rotterdam North

    Bed and Breakfast Rotterdam North

    The Oude Noorden
    The Oude Noorden (means Old North Rotterdam) in Rotterdam is a charming and lively neighborhood, which abuts the city center. The Oude Noorden is known for its beautiful houses, squares and canals, which exhale the atmosphere of Rotterdam from the early 1900s. Mixed with today's rich cultural diversity, cozy restaurants and well-known shopping streets like Zwart Jansstraat and Noordmolenstraat, the Oude Noorden is very attractive to stay. The Oude Noorden is also known, because here some famous locals grew up here and there was a television series about the Oude Noorden (similar to Eastenders). The city center is easily accessible from the Oude Noorden by tram or bus.

    Bed and Breakfast in the Oude Noorden
    You can find some some nice Bed and Breakfast in the Oude Noorden. Bed and Breakfast Wal en Burg for example is located just behind the Central Station and just a few minutes walk from the center. This simple Bed and Breakfast has a shared toilet and shower and the breakfast is optional. Bed and Breakfast Het Hemelrijck is located about a 20 minutes walk (or a few minutes by tram 8) from the Central Station. This charming Bed and Breakfast is located in a 100 year old building and has a private shower and toilet. In the morning a rich, mostly organic breakfast - including hot breads, eggs, fruit, cottage cheese and fresh fruit juice - is served. Check out our page with Bed and Breakfast in Rotterdam for more options in other districts!

  • Wal en Burg
    Wal en Burg
    Centrally located B&B just at the back of Central station in an old mansion. Four rooms with shared shower and toilet.

    Schieweg 105a
    Schieweg 105a
    Two room B&B just north of city center. Includes a small kitchen.

    Het Hemelrijck
    Het Hemelrijck
    Lovely B&B located in a historical mansion in a charming neighbourhood close to city center.

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