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    Guaranteed best hotel price in Rotterdam
    City Guide Rotterdam has a partnership with Booking.com, the European market leader in online hotel reservations. Therefore, we can guarantee that you get the lowest room price if you book a hotel in Rotterdam via this website.

    Book now, pay later
    If you've chosen a hotel, you can make your reservation right away, but you pay upon arrival at the hotel. There are no reservation fees or similar additional charges. Usually you can cancel your room up to 24 hours in advance for free! There's no price risk so search no more... Have you booked a hotel through City Guide Rotterdam and have you found a lower price on another website, please contact the Booking.com customer service and the lower hotel price will be matched.

    Conditions Best Price Guarantee
    1) You have an existing reservation with Booking.com;
    2) You can still cancel your room or you contact customer service within 24 hours after booking;
    3) The lower hotel price is bookable online and is still available when customer service checks;
    4) The lower room rate applies to the same room type and conditions (eg. breakfast included).

    The lowest price guarantee does not apply to websites that don't show the exact hotel until after you have booked and neither on discounted bookings with loyalty points, membership rates etc.

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    From basic and budget to lush and luxury! Rotterdam offers a hotel for anyone's needs. Check out the best rates here.

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