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  • Telephone and Internet in Rotterdam

    Using your current phone in the Netherlands
    Cell phone coverage in the Netherlands is really good and many people have even given up their land lines and just use their mobiles. In general you should be able to use you current phone in the Netherlands as long as it's a tri-band phone and your subscription allows you to use the phone abroad. But you have to be careful because using your mobile phone abroad can be really expensive especially if you use dataroaming (and most people do nowadays using the internet on their smartphone)! If you don't want to get a nasty surprise when you return from your holiday it might be better to switch off data-roaming.

    Using a local prepaid phone
    If you stay for a while in Rotterdam and don't want to do without your mobile phone or dataroaming, then it might be better to buy a local pre-paid phone. You can buy them at many places such as supermarkets, drugstores and phone stores, which you find everywhere. Local calls are much cheaper with the pre-paid phone and you can buy telephone cards to add more money to your phone. You can also try to put the SIM card in your existing phone (or just buy  a prepaid SIM card) but this will only work if your phone is unlocked.

    Renting a mobile phone
    The last option is to rent a mobile phone. You can rent a phone at the Telecom center which is located in the arrivals hall of Amsterdam Airport. But buying a local prepaid phone might be much cheaper than renting a phone.

    Information about Rotterdam on your mobile
    In case you're using dataroaming on your existing phone or your prepaid phone you can get access to the Rotterdam App from the Rotterdam tourist organization. This app is available for Blackberry, Andriod and iPhone and provides tourist information about Rotterdam. You can download the app here.