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  • Weather Rotterdam

    Mild maritime climate
    The climate in Rotterdam is relatively stable and moderate throughout the year. Extremes are rare but it can still get pretty warm in summer and quite cold in winter. The hottest months are July and August and the coldest months are January and February.

    Unpredictable weather

    The weather in Rotterdam can be very unpredictable like in the rest of the Netherlands. In summer, peak temperatures can reach 30º C (90º F) with a lot of sunshine and the day after it can be much cooler and rainy. The same goes for the winter: one day it gets cold with snow and the next day is comfortable and dry.

    Average temperatures in Rotterdam
    The average temperature in summer is around 22º C (73º F). However, temperature rises to 25º C (77º F) or higher quite often. When this happens the the beaches are full and people are having dinner outside on the terraces. In winter the average temperature drops to 3º C (38º F) and the nights are freezing. If it freezes several nights in succession the locals go ice skating on the open water.

    Climate table of Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Max Temperature (º Celsius)5591317202222191496
    Min Temperature (º Celsius)0036912151512852
    Sunny hours224577665321
    Rainy days14119999111112121413
    Water Temperature (º Celsius)5568111316171614108

    Best time to visit Rotterdam

    Since there are no weather extremes in Rotterdam you can visit Rotterdam throughout the whole year. You will get the best weather during the months of April till September and when you visit in July and August there are many festivals and other activities organized in Rotterdam. In summer you can visit the beaches and in winter you can go ice-skating, but always bring an umbrella!