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  • Map of Rotterdam

    Rotterdam on the map!
    Do you want to know where to go in Rotterdam? Do you want to stay close to attractions, museums, sights or clubs and bars? Even if you're fully equipped with smartphone and GPS, it's still convenient to have a good old map of Rotterdam. The schematic map of Rotterdam city centre below shows the best tourist locations in Rotterdam. The map looks pretty small but you can use the control buttons to zoom in, zoom out and scroll through the map. If you would like to have this map yourself you can download it below. The map is also available at the tourist information shop of Rotterdam.info and in most hotels in Rotterdam as well at 1€ only.

    Download and print your own map of Rotterdam

  • Map Rotterdam city centre

    Interactive maps of Rotterdam
    Besides the map above there are many more maps of Rotterdam available on our website. Prepare your visit to Rotterdam well and find out where the hotels are located, where you can park your car, where you can find museums, sights and attractions, where you can go out and where you can eat.