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  • De Rotterdam - The vertical city

    The Rotterdam Building Vertical City

    Big, bigger, biggest: De Rotterdam
    The building De Rotterdam (not to be confused with the steamship ss Rotterdam) is the largest building in the Netherlands. It's not only impressive due to its height of 150 meters, but also due to its huge surface of 160,000 m2 (!). The Rotterdam building consists of three towers that include shops, offices, homes, restaurants and the four stars boutique Hotel nhow Rotterdam with a magnificent view on the Erasmus Bridge and the skyline of Rotterdam. The top floor of De Rotterdam offers a huge 750 m2 penthouse with three roof top terraces, which was recently sold for 3,5 million Euros.

    Vertical city De Rotterdam
    In a classic skyscraper you only socialize with other people at the elevators, but the idea of De Rotterdam is that you should easily be able to spend 24 hours within this building, just like in a real city. That means that the multifunctional building contains all kinds of facilities such as working, relaxing, living, food & beverage and shops, just like in a small village. Therefore, the concept of De Rotterdam is also known as the vertical city. Guided tours at De Rotterdam are available at De Rotterdam Tours.

    Designed by Rem Koolhaas
    De Rotterdam was designed by the famous architect Rem Koolhaas from Rotterdam, who also designed 'De Kunsthal' exhibition centre. The three interconnected towers consist of irregularly stacked blocks that give the Rotterdam skyscraper a different shape from different perspectives.

    Historical name De Rotterdam
    The name of the building refers to the history of the Wilhelminapier, where in the past tens of thousands of Europeans emigrated to America on board the Holland America Line (HAL). One of the ships that shuttled between Rotterdam and New York was named ss Rotterdam.

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    Wilhelmina Pier
    Wilhelmina Pier
    Rotterdam's new centre of modern architecture with a lot of skyscrapers, museums, restaurants and the cruise ship terminal.

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  • PARKING De Rotterdam - The vertical city

    Rotterdam building - the vertical city

    Public transport Rotterdam Building
    De Rotterdam Building is located on Wilhelminapier near the Erasmus Bridge and the New Luxor Theatre. From Rotterdam Central Station, get there by metro (stop Wilhelminaplein) or tram 20 or 25 and walk from there. Travel in style by Watertaxi, which stops just in front of Hotel New York. Plan your trip at www.9292.nl. It's free of charge. To travel by public transport in Rotterdam you must purchase a travel chip card first.

    Parking near De Rotterdam Building
    Pay to park your car in the World Port Center parking, in the Q-Park underneath the Maas Tower, within the De Rotterdam parking or in the surrounding streets, but you'll have to pay to park within Rotterdam city centre until 11 pm by EC card or creditcard. Please refer to our page about parking in Rotterdam. You can also get there by crossing the brand new Rijnhavenbrug pedestrian bridge from Katendrecht, the peninsula where museum steamer ss Rotterdam is moored.

  • CONTACT De Rotterdam - The vertical city

    De Rotterdam Vertical City building

    De Rotterdam - the vertical city
    Wilhelminakade Kop van Zuid
    Website: www.derotterdam.nl
    Website: www.44floors.com
    Webseite: www.nh-hotels.nl

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