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    Cinemas in Rotterdam: great night at the movies!
    In Rotterdam's cinemas you can enjoy all kinds of movies from Hollywood blockbusters to Asian art movies. The good thing about watching movies in the Netherlands is that they are all shown in their original language with Dutch subtitles. So there’s no need to learn Dutch when you want to visit a cinema in Rotterdam! There are four cinemas in Rotterdam, all with multiple screens. In the center you can go to Pathe Schouwburgplein and Cinerama and in the south of Rotterdam you can visit Pathé De Kuip or LantarenVenster.

    The cinemas in Rotterdam are special
    The cinemas in Rotterdam are not regular cinemas, because they've got some special properties. Cinema Pathé Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam center has got the largest screen of the Netherlands and cinema Pathé De Kuip in Rotterdam is the largest cinema in the Netherlands. Both cinemas show the latest films, mostly Hollywood films but also Dutch movies. Cinerama shows similar movies, but is smaller. Cinerama shows lesser-known cultural cinema movies as well. The same goes for LantarenVenster where you mainly find cultural films and films for children.

  • Pathé Schouwburgplein
    Pathé Schouwburgplein
    A huge cinema right in the heart of Rotterdam City Center!

    Pathé De Kuip
    Pathé De Kuip
    Pathe De Kuip is one of the biggest cinemas in the Netherlands with 14 screens!

    A magnificent old cinema in the middle of the center of Rotterdam with 7 theatres!

    This arty movie theatre in Rotterdam shows lots of movies for kids and also has a stage for live Jazz music.

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