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  • Parade Rotterdam

    The Parade theatre festival Rotterdam

    Cultural festival of Rotterdam
    The Parade is a travelling theatre festival in circus tents with music, literature, dance, film, visual arts and above all: great food & beverages! This travelling summer festival moves between the four major Dutch cities Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam and stays in each city for at least one week. The Parade kicks off in Rotterdam with about 90 theatre, dance and music acts and usually attracts over 250.000 spectators.

    A diversity of shows at the Parade
    Every single day, performers surprise the spectators with different acts varying from 3 till 40 minutes again and again. The circus-like shows contain magicians, dancers, pop musicians, stand up comedians and short films. The Parade Rotterdam is value for money as it starts in the afternoon and ends late at night, especially during the weekend.

    Kids shows at the Parade Rotterdam
    Kids will love the Parade with a special daily programme full of theatre, film, music and dance and it starts at 3 pm. Children can also enjoy tinkering, ride in the merry-go-round or even bake their own traditional Dutch pancakes called 'poffertjes'!

    International food and drinks
    You’re not allowed to bring your own food or drinks here, but there's actually no need for that. Many food stands cook a delicious meal, varying from small snacks to complete dinners. Try international food, like Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and Mexican.

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    Welcome Card
    Welcome Card
    This card entitles you to free travelling and a coupon book with plenty of discounts on attractions, museums and restaurants.

    The New Insitute
    The New Insitute
    Learn everything about modern architecture in the Netherlands at the NAi in Rotterdam.

    Have a good night out in Rotterdam and enjoy stand up comedians, ballet and other shows.

  • PARKING Parade Rotterdam

    Parade Rotterdam by public transport
    The Parade Rotterdam is held in the Museumpark, close to the NAI. From Rotterdam Central Station, get there by metro and stop at Eendrachtsplein. As an alternative, take tram line 7 or 20 stop Museumpark or tram line 4 stop Eendrachtsplein. Plan your trip at www.9292.nl. It's free of charge. To travel by public transport in Rotterdam you must purchase a travel chip card first.

    Parking at the Parade Rotterdam
    You can park in the surrounding streets of the Museumpark or in the Museumpark garage in Rotterdam, but you'll have to pay to park in Rotterdam city centre until 11 pm by EC card or creditcard.

  • DATES Parade Rotterdam 2016

    The Parade Rotterdam Circus Festival

    The Parade Rotterdam is an annual event, The 26th edition takes place from Thursday 23 June till Sunday 3 July 2016.

    Opening hours Parade Rotterdam

    Monday3 pm - 1 am
    Tuesday3 pm - 1 am
    Wednesday2 pm - 1 am
    Thursday3 pm - 1 am
    Friday3 pm - 2 am
    Saturday2 pm - 2 am
    Sunday2 pm - 1 am
  • TICKETS Parade Rotterdam 2016

    Ticket Sale Parade
    First you have to buy a ticket for admission to the festival area. Thereafter you buy separate tickets for admission to individual shows. Tickets for the best individual shows are sold out every evening; you can make an online reservation for the most wanted shows. Tickets are sent to your home address. (Netherlands only!) You can also buy tickets at the festival entrance of course, but then you might be stuck with some 'leftovers'.

    Ticket rates Parade Rotterdam

    Admission festival area children under 12Free
    Admission festival area ages 12 through 64      €7,50
    Admission festival area ages 65 and aboveFree
    In addition: admission individual showsfrom €2,00 to €10,00

    The Parade Rotterdam with discount!
    Admission to the festival area before 4 pm is free! Tickets for the last Parade day cost only €5,-.

  • CONTACT Parade Rotterdam

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