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  • Red Bull Air Race Rotterdam

    Red Bull Air Race in Holland!
    The Red Bull Air Race in Rotterdam is part of the Red Bull Air Race World Series, a global competition held in major cities like New York, London, Perth, San Diego, Detroit, Abu Dhabi, Budapest, and Barcelona. The world's most skilled pilots navigate a challenging low-level aerial track, flying at speeds reaching 370 km/h (230 mph) while withstanding forces of up to 12G! Pilots fly individually against the clock and have to complete tight turns through a slalom course consisting of specially designed pylons, known as 'air gates'.

    Qualifications and main air race
    The racing plane pilots start with training and qualification rounds and the 12 pilots with the fastest lap times qualify for the main race the day after. The pilots demonstrate their skills to the crowd passing through each of the air gates correctly and flying as fast as they possibly they can! During the race, spectacular aerobatic manoeuvres like loops, barrel rolls, spins and hammerheads are shown! The best pilots gain points for the World Series Championship. The World Champion wins a huge prize of 500.000 USD!

    Show flights in Rotterdam
    The Red Bull Air Race festival is not only about racing! There are show flights executing all kinds of stunts and demonstrations to entertain the crowd. You will be thrilled by the spectacular manoeuvres that the pilots are flying! So visit the Red Bull Air Race when it’s in Rotterdam again and enjoy the excitement!

    Safety regulations Red Bull Air Race Rotterdam
    Admission to the Red Bull Air Race was free in 2005, but local authorities were forced to introduce an entrance fee for the 2008 air race edition. The huge crowds on the quays at the 2005 air race trying to get a glimpse of the race, constituted a safety risk. In 2005, the pilots flew under the Erasmus Bridge; in the 2008 Air Race that was prohibited for safety reasons as well.

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  • PARKING Red Bull Air Race Rotterdam

    The pilots have to navigate through the obstacles at Rotterdam's river Maas. They start at the Schiehaven and fly along the river towards the Erasmus bridge. You can view the planes from the North side of the river. Dutch law forbids crowds to watch air shows from two sides, which means you can not watch the race from the South bank.

  • DATES Red Bull Air Race Rotterdam

    When is the next Red Bull Air Race Rotterdam?
    The Red Bull Air Race visits Rotterdam every couple of years. The first edition in 2005 was a huge success and the second and latest Air Race took place in 2008. Britain's Paul Bonhomme won the 2010 Red Bull Air Race World Championship, but he will be able to carry this title more than one season, as the World Championship is taking a one-year break in 2011. The organization will use this opportunity to fast track the technological advancements currently in the making which would further improve the already high levels of safety and blah, blah, blah, to be continued... We hope so!

  • CONTACT Red Bull Air Race Rotterdam

    More information can be found on the Red Bull Air Race internet site or by contacting them directly by using the webform on their website.

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