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  • Ferry to Rotterdam

    When you come from the UK you can decide to come to Rotterdam by ferry and even take your car! There are several for getting to Rotterdam by ferry. One option is to take the ferry from Hull to Rotterdam. The ferry leaves in the evening and you can sleep at the ferry, so when you wake up you have arrived in Rotterdam! From the ferry terminal you can take the bus to the center of Rotterdam.

    Hoek van Holland
    Another option is to take the ferry to Hoek van Holland. The ferry to Hoek van Holland takes only 5,5 hours and you can easily change to a direct train to Rotterdam in Hoek van Holland. The train will take you in 30 minutes to Rotterdam Central Station!

    Other connections
    When you take your car you could also decide to take a ferry to IJmuiden, Duinkerken (Belgium) or Calais (France) and drive from there to Rotterdam. Most people who travel to and from the UK use the ferries in Dover, because it's a very quick connection and the additional driving time to Rotterdam is not too bad.

    From To Operated by Travelling time Driving time
    Hull Rotterdam P&O Ferries 10 hours and 15 minutes 0
    Harwich Hoek van Holland Stena line 5 hours and 30 minutes 30 minutes
    Newcastle IJmuiden DFDS Seaways 15 hours 1 hour
    Dover Calais (France)

    P&O Ferries

    1 hour 30 minutes 3 hours
    Dover Duinkerken (Belgium) DFDS Seaways 1 hour 45 minutes 2 hours and 40 minutes

    Take your car with you
    The ferries are very comfortable and have all kinds of facilities on board to enjoy your journey. Most of them have restaurants, bars, shops, casinos and cinemas on board. Of course the ferries take longer than the plane, but the advantage is that you can take your car with you if you would like to see other parts of the Netherlands or Europe. If you just want to visit Rotterdam you won't need your car because public transport is very good.

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  • Map Ferry to Rotterdam

    At the map below you can see the different locations where you can travel to when you want to come to Rotterdam by ferry. Zoom in and zoom out to get a closer look at each of the locations. Select a location in the menu at the right to show it on the map.

  • MORE Information Ferry to Rotterdam

    More information can be found at the websites of the ferry companies. At their websites you can find information about the ferry schedules and the rates.

    Website P&O Ferries: www.poferries.com
    Website DFDS Seaways: www.dfdsseaways.com
    Website Stenaline: www.stenaline.com

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