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  • Bus service in Rotterdam

    Buses in Rotterdam take you through the city , the suburbs and the surrounding cities. They go to places where the metro doesn’t operate or to cities where the train doesn’t go.

    Different bus companies
    There are 3 different bus companies that operate bus lines in and around Rotterdam. The buses within Rotterdam are operated by Rotterdam’s transport company RET. You can recognize them by their white and green colours. These buses run very frequently, some of them even every 10 minutes within rush hour. A lot of buses run in the south of Rotterdam at places where the metro and tram doesn’t run. There’s a special express bus line between Rotterdam Central Station and Rotterdam Airport.

    Night buses
    There are also a number of night routes that serve the city centre, the suburbs and surrounding cities. These buses are called BOB-bus and most of them run from 1 am to 06:00 hrs when the regular buses take over. These night bus lines start with a B (e.g. B12) and you need a special ticket for these buses. The main stations for night buses are Central Station and Zuidplein mall.

    Surrounding cities
    When you want to travel to or from surrounding cities you can take a bus from the Arriva or Connexion company. Most of their buses leave from the Central Station or the Zuidplein and Alexandrium shopping malls. The Arriva and Connexion buses run between Rotterdam and surrounding cities like Ridderkerk, Vlaardingen, Schiedam, Spijkenisse, Hoogvliet, Capelle aan den Ijssel, Barendrecht, Papendrecht, Strijen and Numansdorp .Some of these cities don’t have a train station and the bus is the only way to get there by public transport.  There are also express buses called Interliner that take you quickly and with very few stops to The Hague or Zierikzee.

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  • Tickets Rotterdam Bus

    Overview of Rotterdam Bus tickets
    Bus tickets must be purchased before entering the bus. For public transport in Rotterdam, a wide range of tickets is being offered. The bottom line is that for occasional trips, the so called 'disposable OV-chip card' is the most convenient and cheapest choice. All metro / tram / bus transport in Rotterdam is operated by the 'RET' company. You can choose from the following chip cards: 2 hours RET travel, 2 metro journeys and 1, 2 or 3 full days. However, if you consider one of the full day tickets and wish to visit some Rotterdam museums or Rotterdam attractions, the Rotterdam Welcome Card would be the best choise! Detailed information on the public transport tickets at the OV-Chipkaart page on this website.

    Rotterdam Bus ticket sales locations
    Vending machines are located at many locations in Rotterdam, for example in metro and railway stations, in some buses and in supermarkets or newspaper stands. You can also purchase chip cards online at the Rotterdam public transport company RET through www.retwebshop.nl. Some specific transport chipcards are also valid in Amsterdam, by the way!

    Visit attractions in greater Rotterdam & The Hague on a Tourist Day Ticket
    The Tourist Day Ticket is a disposable Transport-Debitcard, which entitles you to one day of unlimited travel by public transport (bus, tram, metro and Waterbus) within greater Rotterdam and The Hague. This cheap ticket is sold at the Tourist Information Offices of Rotterdam (Rotterdam.info), The Hague, Leiden, Ouddorp, Rockanje and Delft, at most railway stations and at many hotels in Rotterdam, The Hague and Scheveningen.

  • MAP Bus Terminals in Rotterdam

    At the map below you can see the major bus hubs in Rotterdam. Zoom in and zoom out to see the exact location of the bus terminal.

  • timetable bus rotterdam

    Timetable Bus Rotterdam
    The buses in Rotterdam run from early in the morning (around 05:30 hrs) till late in the evening (around 00:30 hrs). During the night there are special night buses. During the weekend and public holidays the buses run at a reduced capacity. For a detailed and up-to-date specific metro time table please refer to www.ret.nl. Furthermore, the website www.9292.nl is a public transport trip planner for the Netherlands, that offers a door to door itinerary also using the Rotterdam bus.

  • CONTACT Bus in Rotterdam

    More information can be found at the website of Rotterdam's transport company RET or by visiting one of their sales offices.

    Website RET: www.ret.nl

    At www.9292.nl you can find a great journey planner for public transport including the Rotterdam bus.

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