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  • Tuk Tuk Rotterdam

    Presently there's no scheduled Tuk Tuk service in Rotterdam. Tuk Tuks can be rented for events only.
    Tuk Tuks are motorized versions of the traditional rickshaw that are common in many Asian cities like Bangkok, Delhi and Bangkok. They take you quickly and safely through the streets of Rotterdam!

    Sightseeing with the Tuk Tuk
    There was a time where you could hail the Tuk Tuks at the streets everywhere in Rotterdam but today this is only possible in the Overschie district. The good thing is that these Tuk Tuks are for free but unfortunately they won't leave the Overschie district. If you would like to use the Tuk Tuk in another part of Rotterdam you need to order one using the telephone number below. The Tuk Tuk will tour you for a fixed price through Rotterdam along all the tourist sides such as the Old Harbour, the Erasmus bridge, the Cube houses and the New Luxor theatre. The minimal rental time is one hour but the comfortable Tuk Tuks have got enough room to carry 3 people, or even 6 people.

    Party with the Tuk Tuk
    When you've got a party or a day out with family, friends or collegues you can hire your own Tuk Tuk! Weddings, family parties, team events: everything is possible. You can even drive your own Tuk Tuk in the Tuk Tuk Challenge while you and your team need to answer questions about Rotterdam. The team with the most points wins a nice prize!

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  • CONTACT Tuk Tuk Rotterdam

    You can get more information at the website of the Tuk Tuk Company or by calling the following number to order a Tuk Tuk.

    Website: www.tuktukcompany.nl
    Tel: +31 (0)10 - 22 34 981

    You can find more information about the free Tuk Tuks in Overschie at the Flex website:

    Website: www.flexoverschie.nl


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