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  • Taxi Service in Rotterdam

    Taxi Stands Rotterdam The Hague Airport

    Travel from door to door with the taxis in Rotterdam
    Taxis in Rotterdam ensure a safe and comfortable journey and take you from door to door. Taxi service is ideal after a late night out, especially when the public transport has stopped running or runs less frequently. Taxis in Rotterdam are very easy to find and can be recognized by the blue license plate. Most of them have got a yellow or white taxi sign on top of the car as well.

    Taxi stands in Rotterdam
    Taxis in Rotterdam can be hailed on the street or at taxi the stands at major hotels and transport hubs. In Rotterdam there are taxi stands at the following locations: Rotterdam Airport, Central Station (North side), Hilton Hotel, Eendrachtsplein (Oude Binnenweg), De Doelen Theatre (Schouwburgplein), Bijenkorf department store (Coolsingel), Zuidplein Mall, Alexandrium Mall, NH Atlanta hotel and Hotel New York. You'll also find plenty of taxis outside nightclubs and bars at closing time. On the street, raise your arm to signal a taxi. A taxi is available when its white rooftop number is lit.

    Taxi companies in Rotterdam
    There are plenty of taxi companies in Rotterdam, most of them are quite small, but there are some major taxi companies with hundreds of taxis as well. The most well know taxi company in Rotterdam is Rotterdamse Taxi Centrale (or simply RTC). Other well know taxi companies in Rotterdam are Vlaardingse Taxi Centrale, St. Job and Schiedam Taxi Centrale. You can find contact details of these companies at the bottom of this page.

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    Getting Around
    Getting Around
    Do you prefer to travel by bus, tram, metro or (water)taxi in Rotterdam or would you rather rent a bike?

    Central Station
    Central Station
    The modern transport hub of Rotterdam with train, metro, bus and tram service.

  • FARES Rotterdam Taxi

    Taxi Rotterdam Airport

    Taxi costs Rotterdam
    All taxis in the Netherlands have got taximeters on board. When your taxi doesn't have a meter it's not an official one. The total taxi ride costs depends on the distance and time travelled. Furthermore, a taxi trip always starts with an initial fare. The following table shows the maximum fares which can be charged by the Rotterdam taxis.

    Initial fareMileage fareTime fare
    €2,35€1,75 / km€0,32 / min

    Remark: These are online rates. Higher rates apply for taxi vans! There are no additional fees for luggage, rain or nights. Cab drivers may charge a fee for carrying your luggage, but only if this has been agreed upon before the ride. Taxi drivers are usually allowed a 10% gratuity on top of the final metered fare.

    Estimated taxi fares in Rotterdam
    In the table below some estimated taxi rates are listed from Rotterdam Central Station to other places of interest:

    From To Rate
    Rotterdam Central Station Rotterdam Airport €19
    Rotterdam Central Station Hotel New York €11
    Rotterdam Central Station Delfshaven €11
    Rotterdam Central Station Euromast €9
    Rotterdam Central Station Blaak station €8
    Rotterdam Central Station Zuidplein Mall
    Rotterdam Central Station Alexandrium Mall
    Rotterdam Central Station Hoek van Holland Ferry €75
    Rotterdam Central Station The Hague Central Station €57
    Rotterdam Central Station Kinderdijk Windmills €60
    Rotterdam Central Station Maeslant barrier €77
    Rotterdam Central Station Schiphol Airport €130

    Taxi Rates Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
    Most taxi companies offer special fixed rates to and from Schiphol airport, which are much lower than the metered rate. Ask the taxi company for the special airport rates upon making a reservation.

  • MAP Taxi Stands in Rotterdam

  • CONTACT Taxi Service in Rotterdam

    Rotterdamse Taxi Centrale
    Tel: +31 (0)10 - 462 60 60
    Website: www.rtcnv.nl

    Vlaardingse Taxi Centrale
    Tel: +31 (0)10 - 435 43 44
    Website: www.vtc-taxi.nl

    Schiedam Taxi Centrale
    Tel: +31 (0)10 - 410 20 30
    Website: www.schiedamtaxi.nl

    St Job Taxi
    Tel: +31 (0)10 - 425 7000
    Website: www.st-job.nl

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