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  • Waterbus Rotterdam - Dordrecht - Kinderdijk

    Waterbus Rotterdam in a nutshell
    The waterbus (formerly known as Fast Ferry or Aqualiner) is a fast boat connection between Rotterdam and the suburbs like Krimpen aan den IJssel, Katendrecht, Ridderkerk, Alblasserdam, Hendrik Ido Ambacht, Papendrecht, Kinderdijk and Dordrecht.

    Avoid the traffic jams by Waterbus!
    Local commuters use the waterbus to escape the daily grind. It’s a restful and quick alternative to the everlasting traffic jams during the rush hours and you can you even take your bike on board for free! The waterbus service from Dordrecht to downtown Rotterdam takes less than an hour, about the same time you need by car during the rush hour on a working day.

    Visit tourist attractions by waterbus
    When in Rotterdam, do as the local commuters do and travel by waterbus to discover some of the best tourist attractions in and around Rotterdam, such as like the famous windmills in Kinderdijk, the historical town of Dordrecht, Biesbosch National Park and the museum steamer ss Rotterdam. The Waterbus terminal in Rotterdam is located at Willemskade, under the Erasmus Bridge in the middle of Rotterdam city center. Waterbus services are carried out from early in the morning till early in the evening. The eight different waterbus services in don’t offer guided tours, but still they are a cheap and attractive alternative to sightseeing attractions like Spido harbour tours or SplashTours.


    1. Waterbus 18: Rotterdam <-> Heijplaat (25 minutes)
    Rotterdam (Erasmusbrug) <->Rotterdam (Katendrecht) <-> Rotterdam (St Jobshaven) <-> Rotterdam (Heijplaat-RDM)

    2. Waterbus 20: Rotterdam <-> Dordrecht (58 minutes)
    Rotterdam (Erasmusbrug) <-> Krimpen aan den IJssel (Stormpolder) <-> Ridderkerk (De Schans) <-> Alblasserdam (Kade) <-> Hendrik Ido Ambacht (Noordeinde) <-> Papendrecht (Westeind) <-> Dordrecht (Merwedekade)

    3. Waterbus 21: Dordrecht <-> Zwijndrecht (7 minutes)
    Dordrecht (Hooikade) <-> Zwijndrecht (Veerplein)

    4. Waterbus 22: Dordrecht <-> Papendrecht (7 minutes)
    Dordrecht (Merwedekade) <-> Papendrecht (Veerdam)

    5. Waterbus 23: Dordrecht <-> Sliedrecht (21 minutes)
    Dordrecht (Merwedekade) <-> Dordrecht (Ark van Noach) <->Papendrecht (Rosmolenweg) <-> Dordrecht (Hollandse Biesbosch) <-> Sliedrecht (Middeldiep)

    6. Waterbus 24: Dordrecht <-> Zwijndrecht (7 minutes)
    Dordrecht (Merwekade) <-> Zwijndrecht (Veerplein)

    7. Waterbus 202: Rotterdam -> Kinderdijk (28 minutes)
    Rotterdam (Erasmusbrug) <-> Kinderdijk (Molenkade) <-> Dordrecht (Merwedekade)

    8. Triangle Ferry: Ridderkerk -> Krimpen a/d Lek (13 minutes)
    Ridderkerk (De Schans) -> Kinderdijk (Veerdam) -> Krimpen a/d Lek (Rijsdijk)

    Kinderdijk windmills by waterbus
    Waterbus 202 takes you non-stop from Rotterdam to the famous windmills in Kinderdijk in 32 minutes. Waterbus 202 operates from May till September. Departures from 10:40 am, latest return at 4:08 pm. In winter, travel to Kinderdijk with waterbus service 20 (direction Dordrecht) and change in Ridderkerk (De Schans) onto the triangle ferry (direction Krimpen a/d Lek) and disembark in Kinderdijk. This ferry sails in a triangle between three cities, that explains the name. The total trip time from Rotterdam to Kinderdijk by waterbus is about 45 minutes.

    National Park Hollandse Biesbosch by waterbus
    If you want to travel from Rotterdam to Hollandse Biesbosch, get there with waterbus service 20 to (direction Dordrecht), change onto waterbus service 23 (direction Sliedrecht) and disembark at Hollandse Biesbosch. Departures from Rotterdam every hour from 6:30 am. Last return ferry at 6:10 pm and sometimes later. The total trip time from Rotterdam to Hollandse Biesbosch by waterbus is about 85 minutes. It´s a great idea to combine your visit to National Park Hollandse Biesbosch with some sightseeing in the historic town of Dordrecht. In Hollandse Biesbosch many walking, biking and... tours on small boats take place.

    Museum steamer ss Rotterdam by waterbus
    If you want to travel from Rotterdam Erasmus Bridge to ss Rotterdam, get there with Waterbus line 18 to Katendrecht, the peninsule where the museum steamer is moored. The trip from the Erasmus Bridge to Katendrecht by waterbus only takes 7 minutes. The ferries depart every 30 minutes from 7:19am. Last trip back to the Erasmus Bridge at 6:10pm, on weekdays even until 10:40pm. But if you want to travel in royal style consider the private, swift and affordable Rotterdam water taxi service!

    Tourist Day Ticket
    Tourist Day Ticket
    One single chipcard for unlimited traveling by public transport and waterbus within the Rotterdam - The Hague area.

    Do as the locals do and ride through Rotterdam on a rental bike!

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    Rotterdam Calendar 2017
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    Welcome Card
    Welcome Card
    This card entitles you to free travelling and a coupon book with plenty of discounts on attractions, museums and restaurants.

  • ROUTE MAP Waterbus Rotterdam

    RIB Experience Rotterdam departure times

    In general, on weekdays and in summer, more Waterbus services are carried out and ferries depart until later in the evening. Departure times may vary due to weather conditions and on public holidays. Avoid disappointment and always check the current time table online at www.waterbus.nl/reisplanner or via the public transport journey planner via 9292.nl. For the Triangle Ferry Timetable to Kinderdijk please check www.driehoeksveer.nl.http://www.aqualiner.nl

  • TICKETS Waterbus Rotterdam - Dordrecht

    Tourist deal: Waterbus Hop on - Hop off Day Pass
    As a tourist or daytripper, the Hop on - Hop off waterbus day tickets offers best value for money. It entitles you to unlimited use of all waterbus services (triangle ferry excluded) and free or discounted admission to attractions and museums in greater Rotterdam. Participating attractions are a.o. Euromast, Kinderdijk, Maritime Museum Rotterdam, Marines Museum Rotterdam and ss Rotterdam.

    Hop on - Hop off Waterbus Day PassChip CardCash Ticket
    Toddlers under 4n/aFree
    Kids age 4 -11n/a€9,50
    Adults age 12- 64n/a€13,00
    Seniors age 65 +n/a€9,50
    Waterbus 20: Rotterdam - DordrechtChip CardCash Ticket
    Toddlers under 4FreeFree
    Kids age 4 -11€3,10€4,00
    Adults age 12- 64€4,70€6,00
    Seniors age 65 +€3,10€4,00
    Waterbus 202: Rotterdam – KinderdijkChip CardCash Ticket
    Children under 4FreeFree
    Kids age 4 -11€2,46€2,00
    Adults age 12- 64€3,73€4,00
    Seniors age 65 +€2,46€2,00
    Waterbus 23: Rotterdam - Hollandse BiesboschChip CardCash Ticket
    Children under 4FreeFree
    Kids age 4 -11€4,48€6,00
    Adults age 12- 64€6,79€10,00
    Seniors age 65 +€4,48€6,00
    Waterbus 18: Rotterdam - ss RotterdamChip CardCash Ticket
    Children under 4n/aFree
    Adults age 4 +€1,00€1,00

    Waterbus ticket sales
    The above mentioned prices are one way tickets. Waterbus cash tickets are available upon boarding the boat. Cash ticket payment with the exact cash amount only, no bank or creditcards accepted. Electronic payment only with a special public transport ‘OV Chipcard’ is slightly cheaper. You can also buy your tickets online in advance, so there's no need for this Chipcard. If you plan to use public transport in Rotterdam more frequently, it's worth buying  such a debitcard. If you plan to buy a return ticket to Hollandse Biesbosch or Kinderdijk, the Hop on - Hop off Day pass ist the cheaper option.

    Waterbus tickets with discount
    If you buy an e-ticket online you get 10% discount on a day pass and 5% discount on single / return tickets. Payment with a Dutch bank account only. The Waterbus e-tickets will be sent to you by e-mail.

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  • CONTACT Waterbus to Rotterdam

    Waterbus Rotterdam - Kinderdijk - Dordrecht
    Departures: Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam
    Website: www.waterbus.nl
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/waterbus
    Website: www.driehoeksveer.nl
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Waterbus/162817810474693
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/waterbus

    Transport Chipcard
    Transport Chipcard
    All ins and outs on where to buy and how to use the Chipcard for public transport in Rotterdam.

    ss Rotterdam
    ss Rotterdam
    Go back to the past and visit Steamship Rotterdam, the great former Holland America Line cruise ship.

    Visit this UNESCO site and see the largest concentration of old windmills in the Netherlands

    Discover the oldest city in the Netherlands with plenty of ancient monuments and antique shops.

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