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    park and ride rotterdam free parking lots

    Cheap parking Rotterdam: Park + Ride
    The P+R (Park & Ride) parking lots just outside Rotterdam city centre cost €2 or free, provided that you use public transport. The P+R areas in Rotterdam are always located at a bus or subway station and you are in downtown Rotterdam within a couple of minutes without any traffic jams. You only pay the ride with a special Travel Chipcard.

    Guarded parking in Rotterdam
    The P+R's Slinge, Hoogvliet, Kralingse Zoom and Alexander are monitored by cameras during the day, the other P+R's in Rotterdam don't offer video surveillance.

    Directions Park and Ride Rotterdam
    The P+R parking lots are located at the Rotterdam city boundaries. Follow the blue signs with a white ' P+R ' on the highway. These are the addresses of the Park and Ride areas in Rotterdam for your sat navigation system:

    P+RAddressCapacityTrip timeHighwayExit
    AlexanderAlexanderlaan 3550017 minA20Alexander (16)
    CapelsebrugA.v. Rijckevorselplein 4043010 minA16Centre (25)
    HoogvlietLangs de Baan 9478020 minA15Hoogvliet (17)
    Kralingse ZoomKralingse Zoom 5015258 minA16Centre (25)
    MeijerspleinFairoaksbaan 30080010 minA20Centre (14)
    NoorderhellingStadionweg 135015 minA15Feyenoord (24)
    SlingeSlinge 76388012 minA15Zuidplein (19a)
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    Welcome Card
    Welcome Card
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  • Rates Park & Ride Rotterdam

    chipcard payment rotterdam Park and Ride

    Continue your trip with a Travel Chipcard
    The P&R parking areas in Rotterdam are free, provided that you pay the metro or tram to the city centre with a special Chipcard for public transport. Your travel expenses to the city centre depend on the mileage covered. Therefore, the cheapest options are the P+R parking lots Kralingse Zoom, Slinge and Meijersplein. Don't dispose of your chipcard, as at some Park and Rides in Rotterdam, ticket barriers open only upon presentation of your (used) Travel Chipcard. If you don't have such a Chipcard, day tickets or a 2 x 1hour travel disposable chip cards are for sale at the P+R ticket machines.

    Parking cost Park and Ride vs. Rotterdam city centre
    As you pay per person for public transport in Rotterdam, it might be cheaper to park your car in downtown Rotterdam. This is the case with a short visit with multiple people. For tourists, a day ticket (or the Rotterdam Welcome Card) is the best option to visit various attractions in Rotterdam.

  • MAP Park & Ride in Rotterdam

    Directions Park & Ride Rotterdam
    The P+R parking lots in Rotterdam are clearly marked with a white text 'P+R' on blue road signs. You immediately see if the P+R is accessible, as the number of free parking spots is electronically indicated on the ring motorway around Rotterdam. The map below is interactive and you can zoom-in or zoom-out position details of the P+R parking lots. These are the Park + Ride addresses in Rotterdam for your car sat nav system:

    Park & RideAddressHighwayExit
    AlexanderAlexanderlaan 35A20Prins Alexander (16)
    CapelsebrugA.v. Rijckevorselplein 40A16Capelle a/d IJssel (25)
    HoogvlietLangs de Baan 94A15Hoogvliet (17)
    Kralingse ZoomKralingse Zoom 50A16Centrum (25)
    MeijerspleinFairoaksbaan 300A20Centrum (14)
    NoorderhellingStadionweg 1A15Feyenoord (24)
    SlingeSlinge 763A15Zuidplein (19a)
  • CONTACT Park & Ride Rotterdam

    Park & Ride Rotterdam
    Website: http://www.rotterdam.nl/product:prterreinen
    Website: www.9292.nl

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    Parking Rotterdam
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    Rotterdam's rapid underground transport system rapidly takes you nearly anywhere within the city center and also to the suburbs.

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