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Day Tours from Rotterdam

"Other cities, theme parks, beaches and famous Dutch attractions: there are lots of options for a fun day tour from Rotterdam."

Day tours from Rotterdam

There are plenty of great attractions and sights in Rotterdam to keep you busy for several days, but due to the central location of Rotterdam and its good connections to the public transport, you can easily reach other Dutch sights, attractions and cities. It is certainly worth to stay a few days longer in Rotterdam and do a few nice trips from Rotterdam!

Famous Dutch attractions close to Rotterdam

Just South of Rotterdam you can find the famous windmills of Kinderdijk, one of the most important sights in the Netherlands. You can reach these historic mills within half an hour when you take the waterbus from Rotterdam. Another world famous landmark of the Netherlands, the Delta Works are located about an hour drive from Rotterdam by car. The impressive Delta Works protect Rotterdam and The Netherlands from flooding and when you visit the Deltaworks you also get access to the Neeltje Jans, theme park where you can enjoy a dolphin show and do a boat tour to see seals. If you want to visit the Deltaworks from Rotterdam by bus the travel time is about two hours. The colorful Keukenhof is one of the best visited attractions of the Netherlands during spring. This flower garden with its gorgeous flowers can be reached from Rotterdam within 45 minutes.

Other cities near Rotterdam

Amterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, can be reached within 40 minutes by train from Rotterdam. In Amsterdam you will find plenty of museums and the world famous canals. Another big city, The Hague, can even be reached in less than 20 minutes. In the Hague you can find a lot of museums, shops and the Dutch parliament. The train from Rotterdam to The Hague stops also at the historic city of Delft, famous for Blaauw Delftware pottery and just 10 minutes away from Rotterdam. South of Rotterdam you can find the beautiful city of Dordrecht, the oldest city of Holland with lots of monuments. Dordrecht is just a 15 minutes train ride away from Rotterdam, but a much more fun way to travel to Dordrecht is the waterbus.

Visit Theme Parks from Rotterdam

Do you feel visiting other cities is boring and are you looking for a visit to a theme park? In that case there are several options to visit a them park from Rotterdam. The Duinrell theme park is about 30 minutes located from Rotterdam in The Hague. Duinrell is one of the most popular theme parks in the Netherlands and has got a large swimming paradise with the best slides of the Netherlands. The miniature city Madurodam is also located in the Hague and easy accessible from Rotterdam by train. In Madurodam you can see models of all the famous buildings and landmarks of the Netherlands. A little further from Rotterdam (about an hour) but absolutely worth a visit is the Efteling theme park, one of the best theme parks in Europe!

Beaches near Rotterdam

Rotterdam is only half an hour drive away from the North Sea and therefore you can choose from several beaches if you want to spend a day at the beach. The beach of Scheveningen is one of the best visited beaches of the Netherlands and offers a wide beach, many restaurants, nightlife options and a boulevard. It's always fun to visit Scheveningen, even when it isn't a sunny day. Scheveningen can be easily reached from Rotterdam  by taking the train to The Hague and further by tram. Hoek van Holland beach can be reached even easier, because the metro from Rotterdam stops in front of the beach. Hoek van Holland is more quiet compared to Scheveningen but still there are many places where you can sit outside and enoy something to drink and eat. The new Maasvlakte beach is difficult to reach by public transport and therefore it's easier to go by car. The Maasvlakte beach is a quiet beach which is visited a lot by families. You can get a drink or a snack but it's best to bring your own stuff.

Below you can find a list of day tours from Rotterdam so check out which one suits you best! If you are travelling with kids have a look at our page with day tours from Rotterdam with kids.

Delta works

Visit the high-tech concrete barriers that protect the south of the Netherlands against flooding.


This theme park is leading in Europe and offers five stars attractions and five stars fun!


Explore Delft, learn everything about the House of Orange and discover how Delft Blue ceramics are created!


The Netherlands are famous because of its tulips. Come to the Keukenhof and enjoy the wonderful colours of the flowers!

Kinderdijk Mills

Visit this Kinderdijk mills and see the largest concentration of old windmills in the Netherlands


Explore Rotterdam

Discover the best attractions, have a look at the prettiest sights, visit some interesting museums and have fun at the best shopping areas in Rotterdam!

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Hoek van Holland

Rotterdams beach resort with plenty of lounge bars, restaurants and the ferry terminal to England

Maasvlakte Beach

A sandy paradise for kite surfers and sun lovers on a piece of reclaimed land near the port of Rotterdam.

The Hague

Visit The Hague and see the Dutch Houses of Parliament and the Palace of the Queen of the Netherlands!