International Film Festival Rotterdam

20 Feb


The International Film Festival Rotterdam in a nutshell

The IFFR Rotterdam is one of Europe's leading film festivals, comparable to film festivals in Cannes, Berlin, Locarno and Venice. The Rotterdam film festival is famous for of its unique variety of international movies and for being very visitor-friendly. The Rotterdam film festival shows mainly alternative, innovative and non-commercial movies made in Asia or third world countries, but also Hollywood blockbusters can be viewed here!

Eleven days of films till you faint...

During this 11 days lasting film festival, hundreds of film makers and other artists present their work to a huge audience in various movie theatres located within Rotterdam city centre. Up to 3,000 press and film industry representatives visit the IFFR Rotterdam to report and catch the buzz on its premieres or to participate in CineMart, the largest co-production market for film projects. It's hard to imagine in today's modern world to watch a movie without commercial breaks, but during the film festival in Rotterdam, movies are shown without trailers or any other commercials!

Tiger Awards Competition

Several awards for upcoming cinematographs who show their work are presented at the IFFR festival in Rotterdam. The main award is the Tiger Award for the 3 best short films (€ 15.000 each!). One of the most famous winners of the Tiger Award is Christopher Noland, the director of Memento, Insomnia and the Batman movies.

Free parties at the Rotterdam Film Festival

During the IFFR there are many after-parties in Rotterdam, which attract loads of cultural lovers and directors from all over the Netherlands and abroad. Every night from 11 pm, The Rotterdamse Schouwburg Theatre is converted into a party lounge with DJ's. Free admission! Opening and closing party tickets can be purchased online.

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Aktivitäten in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam ist immer was los! Überprüfe, welche Festivals, Sportveranstaltungen und andere Aktivitäten gerade stattfinden!



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Der Geburtstag vom König wird in Rotterdam gefeiert mit großen Festivals und Freimärkten.


Karibische Stimmung in Rotterdam mit bunten Tänzern, exotischen Snacks und Musik.

North Sea Jazz

Das größste überdachte Jazzfestival der Welt mit internationalen Stars in Rotterdam.


Ein Wochenende mit spektakulären Vorführungen im größten Häfen der Welt.

Rotterdam Unlimited

Megaveranstaltung mit urbaner Kunst, tropischer Musik, Tanz und internationalen Stars!

Boothstock Festival

Danceparty im Freien im Kralingen Park in Rotterdam. Auftritte von internationalen DJ's