De Machinist Rotterdam

Willem Buytewechstraat 45, 3024 BK Rotterdam


Image - 11 Dec, 2017 -

Jordan Pietersz

" The Machinist buildimg having survived the 2nd World war (#ww2) bombardment of Rotterdam is in itself a treat for momument enthusiasts, but the restaurant, thats where the art lies, i had a 120 gr. burger and it was not only fantastic to see but the taste and combination of ingredients that made the burger was succulent, tasty and nom nom nom. Highly recommended!! Looking forward to trying more from the menu."

Image - 21 Nov, 2017 -

Ashwin Ganesh Kumar

" We had a nice team dinner here, the quantity is exorbitant here. Even thought the food was delicious, we wasted a lot and that makes me feel bad. So quantity wise you will never be disappointed, the quality is good as well. But if you are going on a date or something, please make sure that you don't waste food :D"

Image - 20 Aug, 2017 -

Daniela Nuñez Zurita

" Great spot for both a nice meal or drinks. They have also cool events every now and then, and their desserts are to die for :)"

Image - 11 Aug, 2017 -

Jeroen Mourik

" This is both a very nice bar/ cafe as well as a restaurant. The atmosphere is great and the food is good enough to keep coming back. There is a very large parking behind the building near the water."

Image - 17 Jul, 2017 -

Bas van Hemert

" It takes a while to realize that just everything about this place is unfriendly. We reserved for a group of 15 so this is nice for a restaurant that is not so busy. It started with their unwillingness to reserve a table outside. With nice weather you want to sit outside. Also with a group. It then becomes a big challenge to get some service. Asking if they have a moment for you did not help. Only getting up and then you need a specific person. Anyway, we flaky got our food which was OK but lobster was really really little so everyone ordered two servings. It's not really lobster as you would expect. More river lobster which is smaller. We brought about 600 eur of turnover to this place but when two drinks had not been paid by one person who had already left the last person who was paying was forced to pay this. Their attitude was very uncool. They made a mistake by not keeping track of who had what and they got the profit. We could have asked for a fee to bring this big group to them. Instead of thank you we got this. Never again. Not worth it. "

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