Dolls & Teddybears Fair Rotterdam



Life is a... doll!

The International Doll and Teddybear fair in Rotterdam is the biggest dolls event in the world and has been organized in several cities in the Netherlands and Belgium for decades. It is needless to say that this show is a paradise for collectors of antique and new dolls and bears!

Realistic baby dolls

At the international doll and teddybear fair in Rotterdam you'll find fantasy characters, cheerful creations of gourds, replica dolls, girly dolls and realistic baby dolls, which are very popular. Collectors will find antique dolls at this exhibition ranging from expensive to bargains. At the doll and teddybear fair in Rotterdam also dolls clothing is for sale.

Teddy Bears making

In addition to the ready-made bears and dolls, this fair offers all you need to make your own bears and dolls. For example, there's a variety of mohair available, as well as demonstrations, patterns, books and magazines about creating dolls and teddybears.

Get your doll fixed at the Dolls Doctor

If you have a bruced or wounded doll or teddybear, you can visit one of the dolls doctors at the fair. They can repair anything from modern plastics to antique dolls and they can repair teddy bears as well.

Free admission at the doll and teddybear fair Rotterdam

Admission is free if you sign up at the doll fair's website.

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