Cinerama Rotterdam

Westblaak 18, 3012 KL Rotterdam


Cinerama is a lovely old cinema in the center of Rotterdam with 7 screens and over 1000 seats. The name Cinerama comes from the time when the cinema showed Cinerama movies to the public. The oldest cinema of Rotterdam was opened in 1957 and is located close to the shops, bars and restaurants in Rotterdam city centre. In some restaurants you get a discount when you show your Cinerama ticket.

Diverse programme

Most of the screens in the cinema have got about 120 seats and the biggest screen has got almost 300 seats. The programme of Cinerama is very diverse: you can see the lastest Hollywood releases but also non-commercial art movies and documentaries.

Nice lounge

Within the theatre there's a nice seventies lounge where you can enjoy a drink or read a newspaper or magazine while your waiting for the start of the movie.


You can buy tickets for Cinerama at their sales office or make a reservation for one of the movies by phone or at their website. A reservation guarantees your ticket but you still need to go to the sales offcie to pick up the tickets. Please have a look at the Cinerama website to see which movies are running now!

Image - 21 Oct, 2018 -

Victor ariel Polanco Frias

" Good cinema if you want to enjoy movie with less bigger crowd and offers also less commercial movies from different languages"

Image - 10 Sep, 2018 -

Stefan Lambert Struik

" Nice, more cozy cinema who tries to create a bit the nostalgic feeling of going to a cinema in the 20th century, and must admit they don't do a bad job. A lot of posters from famous golden oldies (as well as European classics). The crowd is on average older aged than a regular cinema. They don't really play arthouse movies, but more the better quality mass productions, including good horror movies (like the one we saw, "the Nun")"

Image - 19 Aug, 2018 -

Ali Fazli

" I found it alright. Men's bathroom (free, no charge) was clean. Women's bathroom was filthy or so I heard. Visited a movie, was quite empty. Just me and about 9 more people. Very quiet. I liked it. Would recommend if you want to see a new movie at a small place. For those introverts among us."

Image - 03 Aug, 2018 -

Andreas Ellison

" Nice little cinema. Usual prices. The rooms are pretty small but comfortable."

Image - 07 Jun, 2018 -

Thyson 123 Seine

" Cinerama in Downtown Rotterdam is a nice movie theater, very in the old school, American-style movie theaters from the 60's. The picture quality is pretty good so is the sound quality, the rooms aren't that big and they even have an old-fashioned candy counter where you can buy your popcorn or other consumable items. Prices are compared to the other movie theaters in Rotterdam a lot lower. If you are looking for a fun evening going to the movies but want to keep it low cost than is this the movie theatre for you. Cinerama is great budget theatre."

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