Club Cinéma Rotterdam

Rodezand 36, 3011 AN Rotterdam


Club Cinéma Rotterdam

For experienced partypeople a party night at Club Cinéma at Rodezand, a side street of the Meent shopping area in Rotterdam is a must. After lounging at Café Pol or Café NRC Rotterdam you can go out at Club Cinéma to have a nightcap or alternatively visit one of Rotterdam's big discotheques. The admission for ladies is free, male guests pay €5 per person.

Dance floors Club Cinéma

Club Cinéma Rotterdam has a lounge area with a round bar on the ground floor with mainstream dance music. In the basement of Club Cinéma there is a small dance floor with underground music which usually fills up only later in the evening.

Image - 27 Dec, 2016 -

Michelle Baecke

" I was there for a party, we literally stood in line to get our jacket back for a whole hour! "

Image - 17 Nov, 2016 -

Pauline Geluz

" This establishment definitely deserves its terrible reviews. We arrived at midnight only to be turned away (very rudely if I might add) despite the fact that nobody was even in the club. It already looked lame inside, but we were willing to give it a chance and have a good time. But they turned us away because on of our friends was slightly tipsy, saying she is "too drunk" even though we were a group of 15 (all completely sober) and were planning on buying a couple drinks there anyway?? I can see why this place is not very popular after just one encounter with the guards in the front. We were civil and tried to reason with them, but they were adamant on keeping the place empty I guess. "

Image - 18 Sep, 2016 -

Patricia Ashikoto

" It's an upscale place with great dance music very mixed crowd. Downside is that there 's always quite a lot commotion at the entrance . Not everybody is allowed to enter and this I not necessarily based on dress code but rather on ethnic background which is not always fair. Love the music the atmosphere the drinks the dancing the food don't love all the trouble at the entrance."

Image - 12 Feb, 2016 -

Martin Caspersen

" My University had an event there labeled as a "galla". I went there dressed in my best. the queue for the wardrobe was to extensive so i diverted my attention to the seating for the time being. I was approached by a member of staff which "respectably requested me to leave my coat with the wardrobe" which I answered that I would respectively decline, awaiting better availability of wardrobe services. i then got literally picked off the ground, considering my weight is 85kg, and left outside. This place receives obviously 0 stars if there was such a thing."

Image - 23 Apr, 2014 -

Adema M-D

" It's in a nice enough location and the staff are friendly at first. But once you are seated they leave you to your own devices - I was left waiting for food for 45 minutes, and when I asked for it the waiter started complaining that I was stressing him. I went for high tea which calls for unlimited quantities of tea and I had to beg for every cup. It was such a disappointment I left my high tea half way. It's just not worth the time or effort - please do not waste your time. "

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