Café Plan C Rotterdam

Slepersvest 1, 3011 MK Rotterdam


Café Plan C Old Harbour Rotterdam

Plan C is a very popular dance café in the Old Harbour area in Rotterdam. Plan C will open in April 2016, after it has been closed for 5 years due to noise nuisance during concerts. The eighties and nineties have returned in Rotterdam! At Café Plan C you can enjoy great dj's and live music. Plan C and the Old Harbour is very popular among law and economic students from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Live music at Plan C Rotterdam

The DJ's at Plan C will make you feel good, while you're enjoying a cold draught beer and a dance. Plan C in Rotterdam is expecially worth a visit during the live performances. Every Friday and Saturday from 9:30 you can enjoy live music in this music pub. Many famous Dutch singers and bands like Anouk, Kane, Total Touch and Blof have performed at the Plan C stage, some of them before they were famous. At present a lot of cover bands play at Plan C and they will let you party on all the golden oldies!

The famous Plan C waterfront terrace

In summer you can enjoy the Plan C waterfront terrace with a great view at the Old Harbour and the White House. You can have lunch or dinner or just have a drink on the terrace and enjoy the sun. Our pick: the charcoil grilled Burger. On a sunny day the Plan C Bar in Rotterdam is packed with all sorts of people, both tourists and locals.

Image - 14 Aug, 2018 -

Lennart van Nieuwenhuijzen

" Outdoor seating, music that's fairly loud, always crowded. It's a typical bar in the old harbour of Rotterdam. Don't expect anything special and you'll be fine."

Image - 08 Jun, 2018 -

Omid Review

" The service was really good and the staff were friendly and polite! We ordered Satay and it was so good!"

Image - 26 Feb, 2018 -

Nienke Alkema

" Was at Huiskantine, new club concept. Smoking space is not ventilated sadly, and the staff wasn't as it's supposed to be. Starting amazing concept but a lot of improvement needed! Will be back to see if they incoporated their feedback :)"

Image - 11 Feb, 2018 -

Dmytro Tolstyi

" Very disappointing experience. The place looks nice and there were only 2 tables occupied during our stay. We were 3 people and as far as we came first time, we asked for the rules of our coupons (unlimited food). The woman told us that we can have unlimited meat / fish (for supplementary price). I asked her if it means that I will have my fish dishes unlimited as well and she responded 'sure'. So, we ordered 2 meats and 1 fish. In about 15 minutes we had bread served. After that we had to wait 45 (!!!) minutes more for our food to come. So, we waited nearly 1 hour to be able to start eating (with 3 tables occupied in the whole restauran!). When they came with our plates they've mixed the order: they brought 2 fishes and 1 meat. After mentioning this, they've said that they will bring meat as it should be. The food itself was well prepared and tasty. When they finally brought 1 missing plate of meat it was not as intended to be (no spare rib that should have been initially there). We ate for about a half of an hour and asked for next round. What we got were 2 plates of meat and no additional fish (so, I didn't receive additional plate). I asked for my fish to be renewed as well and they said that they will do this. After waiting 20 minutes more nothing did arrive. I called the man and asked him about my fish. What he answered me was: we got no fish anymore it has finished as far as there are many guests (3 occupied tables!). He told me that he can bring some meat instead (so, I payed supplementary for fish but I got to eat meat). Anyway, there was no other choice so I agreed for meat. After waiting 20 minutes more no food arrived. I asked him where's my food and he said that kitchen is closed and it's too late (what the hell? I had 1 plate for a coupon of unlimited food and that's all! Scam!) I asked him to explain how's this possible that for my unlimited food I got only 1 plate during all the period and he told that it is how it should be. He told that fish is not being renewed (though the first woman told us absolutely different information and in coupon it was not mentioned like this). So, I payed for unlimited food and received only 1 plate. Awful experience and attitude! After we were leaving and paying they included supplementary for 2 fish dishes, though it was theirs mistake. Unbelievable! After pointing this out, they've changed the bill. We had a good expectations for this place (it was nice inside and the music was good) but it was absolutely spoiled by awful service. The first time I got such an experience in Rotterdam. Shame on you!"

Image - 05 Feb, 2018 -

Anon ymous

" Amazing place!! Spent a lovely anniversary dinner there :) The staff are very kind and friendly and helpful, the food is amazing (the grilled fish and meat are all buttery soft, + my boyfriend doesn't like cake, but the chocolate cake we ordered for dessert was something else and convinced even him) and priced reasonably, the lighting and atmosphere and the view.. will definitely visit again!"

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