De Bonte Koe Rotterdam centre

Delftsevaart 26, Rotterdam


De Bonte Koe Chololate Rotterdam

De Bonte Koe is a paradise for chocolate lovers with two shops in Rotterdam. Here you can taste and buy the best chocolate of greater Rotterdam, as De Bonte Koe is made chocolate production to a fine piece of art. What about chocolate shoes, tulips, Delft Blue and cutlery? De Bonte Koe offers special chocolate products for special occasions like Christmas, Easter, Sinterklaas and Valentine's Day. Think of chocolate hearts, Easter bunnies, Christmas trees and chocolate letters.

De Bonte Koe Chocolate Workshop

At the lounge of De Bonte Koe chocolate shop, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with chocolates, bouchées or truffles of your choice. If you want to make delicious chocolate yourself, you can join one of the workshops by skilled Bonte Koe chocolate makers.

Image - 11 Feb, 2018 -

Ning Ding

" Chocolate tastes fresh and rich, though, is pity that they only have two choices of bonbon with 70% cocao (maybe some other days with more). Like the one in form of leaf with golden cover on top, even better if it would be a bit less sweet. &, Friendly staff who makes chocolate at the workplace~"

Image - 03 Jul, 2017 -

Grace Lee

" Love the chocolates here! Well worth going."

Image - 28 Oct, 2016 -

Sandra Fauconnier

" I'm biased because, as a Belgian, I am used to the exquisite chocolates of The Chocolate Line and Neuhaus. Compared to those, I find De Bonte Koe good but not excellent. The bonbons are quite big and (in my humble opinion) could use a bit more refinement and stronger taste. My favorites are the season specials that, unfortunately, only come in limited editions :-)"

Image - 05 Feb, 2016 -

Remco Dronkers

" Very nice shop. I am addicted to the chocolates. I had a great workshop in the centre of Rotterdam. See you soon."

Image - 09 Jan, 2016 -

Amy Klein

" Really nice shop, great chocolates."

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