Nespresso Rotterdam Meent

Meent 125 - 127, 3011 JH Rotterdam


Nespresso Boutique Rotterdam

The hype of the Nespresso coffee cups is here to stay! Nespresso cups start at €0,30 per piece. That isn't particularly cheap, but the coffee is always fresh and you get the premium Nespresso feeling for free! Why two Nespresso Coffee Boutiques in Rotterdam? Shipment is free, but only if you make a larger online order with Nespresso. In the Nespresso shop, you can also buy a smaller quantity or that one new coffee taste. Nespresso Rotterdam also offers coffee machines, tableware and workshops. And of course you can taste a cup of coffee before you buy it! The Nespresso Boutique at the department store Bijenkorf in Rotterdam will be closed.

Nespresso coffee flavours

Nespresso has 12 types of coffee blends. From Ristretto, a typical strong Italian espresso, to Cosi, a typical blend for enthusiasts who love the subtlety of a soft, creamy Crema and the refreshing, fruity accent of lemon. Fortunately, Nespresso has a coffee rating indicating the intensity.

Image - 12 Feb, 2018 -

Bas van Hemert

" Too busy and no service. If I buy premium products I am not interested in waiting in line. If I come with a baby it is only decent to keep the door open."

Image - 25 Jan, 2018 -

Rik vdk

" My favorite nespresso store. Always friendly and in the middle of the city."

Image - 05 Aug, 2017 -

Natashenka L

" Be very attentive while picking up your order after payment: they don't give you your complete order keeping 30% hoping that you will not notice it."

Image - 24 Jun, 2017 -

Delyan Smilyanov

" Great service and a full selection of Nespresso capsules including "special edition" ones. Also offer different cups for espresso and lungo coffee."

Image - 13 Feb, 2017 -

Jean Edward Calvino

" I recently purchased a coffee type that I did not like (Dharkan, purchased 2), I came to return one (unopened) and I was meet with resistance and hesitancy in regards to accepting the return. In addition to elicitation of guilt feelings " we are going to need to destroy it, is a shame! Try to drink it with milk instead" The experience left me very disappointed . I do not buy specialized expressos to drink cappuccinos... Nescappuccino? Not what I was expecting from my local Nespresso store. A shame "

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