Hollister Rotterdam

Lijnbaan 102b, 3012 ER Rotterdam


Hollister Rotterdam

The immensely popular American outfitter Hollister has recently opened its doors at Lijnbaan in Rotterdam. The brand Hollister is a bit cheaper than sister brand Abercrombie & Fitch, but their clothing style is more or less the same. Hollister is so popular that fashionistas queue up to enter the store in various European cities!

Hollister fragrances

The fashion collection of Hollister Rotterdam is inspired by the Californian surfer scene and is very colorful, slim fit and designed for young people. Hollister Rotterdam has three floors with the full Hollister range, such as surf shorts, bikinis, polo shirts, flip flops, jackets, hoodies and various women's and men's fragrances. Finding Hollister is easy: their fragrances are sprayed everywhere in the Hollister store, so you already smell the Hollister Store in Rotterdam from a distance!

Image - 24 Sep, 2017 -

Paulina Wesolowska

" I wanted to give 0, but some clothes are decent, but girls from kassa are not paying attention at all, i came back home with my polos and security taggs on them, pathetic"

Image - 16 Sep, 2017 -

Jerry Shin

" There is no Hollister ecspt rotterdam. This Store and shopping area are really comfortable and friendly better than Amsterdam."

Image - 03 Sep, 2017 -

Jimmy Eleven Twinkle

" Smaller than the usual hollister stores"

Image - 22 Jul, 2017 -

Diego Acioli

" Clothes with good quality and price. "

Image - 01 Dec, 2016 -

Marfnl disse

" Clothing is nice and the othere products to. Only annoing thing is you cannot try underware its a shop rule. But if you order underware online delivery it is No problem you can send am back or bring am back to the store. Cos Hollister the Site has No sutch rules. People that work there are nice some just might not speak dutch. But its a nice shop 4 stars."

More shopping in Rotterdam?

Haven't you finished shopping yet? Fashion victims can follow the complete Shopping Tour through Rotterdam city centre! A rainy day? Visit the Zuidplein Mall or Alexandrium Mall!

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