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Rotterdam: a tradition in street markets

As Rotterdam is an industrial city with one of the biggest ports in the world, the street markets of Rotterdam have been the main location where trade took place throughout the centuries. Merchandise was imported from overseas, traded at one of the Rotterdam markets and transported upstream the river Maas. Nowadays, many streets still carry names of markets of those times, for example Botersloot (butter), Hooimarkt (hay) and Veemarktstraat (cattle), Those nostalgic places are still worth a visit, even if the traditional street markets don't take place there anymore.

Rotterdam street market: six days a week

If you want to have a shopping experience at the street market in Rotterdam it doesn't matter what day to pick: there's a market somewhere in Rotterdam almost every day, except on Monday. There are small weekly markets in various districts of Rotterdam, but one of the largest street markets of the Netherlands is located at Binnenrotte, near Railway station Rotterdam Blaak. The second largest market square is located in the South of Rotterdam at Afrikaanderplein. Scroll down to see an overview of all street markets in Rotterdam and its opening hours. At the Rotterdam street market, a large selection of goods is offered, from mobile telephone accessories and vintage stuff to Dutch cheese and from affordable fashion to fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers and fish. Both Dutch and imported goods are offered. Strolling down the market square and browsing for today's bargains is a typical habit of Rotterdam's locals. Visiting a street market in Rotterdam is a nice experience that enables you to meet multi-cultural local people. The price level in the Netherlands is quite low compared to Western-European standards, but prices at the street markets in Rotterdam are unbeatable!

Street market downtown near Rotterdam Blaak

The largest street market of Rotterdam is located in the city centre at Binnenrotte near the Blaak underground station. This weekly market covers the Binnenrotte square from Blaak to shopping street Meent and contains more than 400 stands. Near the Blaak area, you will find fresh produce such as fruit, fish, cheese, vegetables, flowers and candy. At the Rotterdam market square in the vicinity of Meent clothes, smart phone accessoiries, vintage goods, fabrics and souvenirs are offered. In the afternoon this market can be quite crowded, especially during the weekend. On rainy days the street market has a functional shelter by means of plastic covers, so if you're a tall person watch put! You  can combine a visit to the Rotterdam street market with a day of shopping in Rotterdam, because the market square is connected to the Meent and Hoogstraat shopping streets. Read more about the largest weekly market in Rotterdam on our page about the street market in Rotterdam centre.

Summer Sunday Market Rotterdam

In summertime you can visit the Rotterdam Summer Sunday Market at Binnenrotte near Blaak, at the market square on which the regular market takes place on Tuesday and Saturday. The Sunday market in Rotterdam is slightly smaller. The so called 'city lounge' is centrally located on the market square and offers a variety of stalls with delicious snacks or cold drinks. Here you can taste the famous Dutch fries or exotic snacks from the multi-culturural community in Rotterdam. Children can enjoy a ride in the merry-go-round The Summer Sunday Market in Rotterdam has different themes during the summer season, such as fabrics or books.

Market Hall at Rotterdam Blaak

Some green areas have been created at the Binnnerotte market square in Rotterdam which offers a little less space for the traditional street market stalls, but for a future market shopping experience, the brand new indoor Market Hall in Rotterdam is a must see. This futuristic market hall contains an underground public car park, apartments and a supermarket. Furthermore, the Rotterdam Market Hall offers more than 100 booths with little diners, fresh vegetables, fish and other food specialties.

Swan Market Rotterdam

Besides the traditional street market there's also a lifestyle market in Rotterdam with very diverse and creative goods, called the Swan Market. The Swan Market is organized several weekends a year at different locations in Rotterdam such as the Grotekerkplein and Museumpark. The Rotterdam Swan Market offers fashion, jewelry, vintage, accessories, kids stuff and affordable art. Snacks and drinks are available at the Swan Market in Rotterdam, as well as live musical performances.

Tip : Towards the end of the market day, street traders are willing to sell their fresh goods with a serious discount, so if you're smart (and lucky) you can get your cheapest and most beautiful flowers, fruit or fish ever.

More shopping in Rotterdam?

Haven't you finished shopping yet? Fashion victims can follow the complete Shopping Tour through Rotterdam city centre! A rainy day? Visit the Zuidplein Mall or Alexandrium Mall!

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