KKEC Rotterdam

Beurstraverse 186, 3012 AT  Rotterdam


Giftshop KKEC Rotterdam centre

At KKEC (the former EXPO Rotterdam) you will find a lot of nice gifts. KKEC has a big collection of greeting cards with all kinds of funny messages, and those funny messages can also be found on lots of other things like mugs, picture frames and t-shirts. In their store at the underground shopping street Koopgoot in Rotterdam there are lots of fun small presents and gadgets, some are crazy stuff and some are wannahaves. Especially during special occasions like Sinterklaas, Christmas, Valentines Day and the school exams, KKEC is a great source for inspiration.

KKEC Rotterdam framing service

KKEC also offers a lot of posters and picture frames. Have a look at their big format posters of the Rotterdam Skyline. You can also have your own photo framed at the KKEC in-house framing service.

Image - 11 Jan, 2018 -


" ze verkopen hier veel leuke hebbedingetjes, kunst en ook veel leuke cadeaus voor verjaardagen (pop-up kaarten zijn een aanrader). prijs is vaak aan de hoge kant maar wel waard"

Image - 13 Nov, 2017 -

Cadet Grey

" Quirky bric-a-brac with a varying chance of success when it comes to gift-giving. Some products are nice, useful additions to a home: charming salt and pepper shakers, ladles inspired by the Monster of Loch Ness, or adorable cloud-shaped nightlights. Others are objects that are likely to briefly paint a smile on someone's face, but ultimately have little to no use or value, and therefore will end up in oblivion. Think of cringy journals made up entirely of outdated, translated Internet memes, or 'The Sarcastic Dictionary': a book you'll read in a glance and then never again because jokes are usually funny once, and very rarely twice. There's some fan-merch that people are bound to appreciate. Mugs, coasters, posters, and notebooks inspired by video game franchises, popular TV series, recent movies and superheroes. Their photo services are of high quality, and there's actually some surprisingly nice but quite pricey photography in the back. I'd recommend visiting, but I'd definitely urge anyone who is about to purchase a gift here, it anywhere, to ask themselves: would YOU use it?"

Image - 09 Nov, 2017 -

Machiel Diepstraten

" Op zaterdag 14-10-2017 kocht ik voor mijn kleindochter een Mr.Bean poppetje dat door zonlicht gaat bewegen,helaas thuis aangekomen bleek dat Mr.Bean niet wilde bewegen contact met KKEC over dit mankement resulteerde in een nieuwe Mr.Bean die het wel doet en nog gratis opgestuurd ook,dat noem ik nu ECHTE SERVICE hartelijk dank KKEC team."

Image - 15 Mar, 2017 -

Alexey Ostrovskiy

" If you need to buy a present this is a place to visit!"

Image - 04 Dec, 2016 -

Fai Tong Si

" Many interesting, creative stuffs which provide great options for gift."

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Haven't you finished shopping yet? Fashion victims can follow the complete Shopping Tour through Rotterdam city centre! A rainy day? Visit the Zuidplein Mall or Alexandrium Mall!

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