FutureLand Rotterdam

Europaweg 902, 3199 LC Rotterdam


Futureland Rotterdam

At the visitor centre Futureland you learn all about the brand new port of Rotterdam, called Maasvlakte 2. Both children and adults will be fascinated by reclaiming new land from the North Sea, containers, cranes and ships in one of the worlds biggest ports.

Future Flight Experience Rotterdam

Explore the Rotterdam harbour area during a 3-dimensional voyage with the 'Future Flight Experience.' This virtual fun trip takes you on a flight over the port of Rotterdam, high above the cranes and the enormous container ships below you. You are the flight captain and can choose your own route, it's a fun experience you will not easily forget.

Educational attractions for children

The huge Futureland globe will demonstrate the necessity of the port expansion, due to the growing demand in world trade. Take a look at the construction plans of the expanding port of Rotterdam by means of an interactive scale model, and watch the new port being created in the Noth Sea.

Water theatre at Futureland in Rotterdam

The Brain Box is the treasure chest of the Maasvlakte 2 harbour area, where all photos, films and documents are kept. Futureland offers access to this information by using a three-person touch screen. Do not miss the movie 'Sea View' projected on a big water curtain, showing at the Water Theatre.

Exhibitions and guided tours at Futureland Rotterdam

Futureland offers various exhibitions and activities. A free guided tour starts every Sunday at 1:15 pm, but you can also do an audio guided tour. You don't have to stay inside the Futureland visitor centre. There are several boat trips with the Futureland Ferry and the Futureland Express XL is a tour bus which explores the Maasvlakte harbour area. If you are getting hungry, Futureland has a restaurant and outside terrace for lunch or a snack with impressive views of the North Sea and the port of Rotterdam. You can combine a daytrip at Futureland in Rotterdam with a day at the Maasvlakte beach.

Image - 26 Aug, 2018 -

Justin boerrigter

" Great meuseum of the man made parts of Rotterdam. Interactive elements and some amazing boat tours available. Worth the trip there"

Image - 17 Aug, 2018 -

Richard Nuttall

" The boat tour was OK on a hot sunny day. Not massively interesting unless you're big into land reclamation! But it's impressive in its scale."

Image - 08 Aug, 2018 -

Stuart Currie

" Very informative building. Loved the Oculus 3D tour. Boat tour English via easy to use App. Less than 8 min content. Much less info than guide who spoke constantly for 90 min in Dutch. Check out near by beaches."

Image - 13 Jul, 2018 -

Jan-Mark Dilg

" Cool place to visit if you like big boats, harbors and construction (or one of them). The place is for free, only rides (boat or bus) cost a small amount. Go do, go see, I liked it."

Image - 29 May, 2018 -

Sarah Fahel

" It's a great place but the little restaurant it's not so good. It was many people in there and took so long for us to get some food. If you want to make the bus other boat tour, it's better if you buy the tickets at home to guarantee them. Because of the biggest ship that was there in the day that we went, unfortunately, all the boats tour were sold out."

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