Plaswijck Park Rotterdam

Ringdijk 20, 3053 KS Rotterdam


Plaswijck Park: mega playground in Rotterdam

Plaswijck Park is a fun amusement park in Rotterdam with a mini zoo and great attractions for children under the age of about 13. When the weather is fine, your kids can play in the outdoor monkey playground, the traffic playground or at the port playground. On a cold or rainy day, they still have a good time at the huge indoor playground called House on the Hill.

Play outside at Wandelwijck

When you enter Plaswijck Park the adventure begins at Wandelwijck (the walking district) for kids who like to play outside. Through the fragrant flowers in the Rosarium you get to the train station, where you can tour through the park with a slow train. Have a look at the beautiful flowers, cheerful birds and beautiful fountains in the English garden. Wandelwijck offers a picnic area as well: here you can have a break from playing and have a bite to eat while overlooking the Lake Hillegersberg.

Hug the animals at Dierenrijck

From Wandelwijck you can walk to Dierenrijck (animals district), the small zoo of Plaswijck Park. In Dierenrijck you can see animals from around the world such as wild boars, wild cats, deer, parrots, monkeys, alpacas and maras. In the pet area you will find goats, chickens, rabbits and cows. You can walk between the animals and pet them or you can buy them food and feed them! Dierenrijck also offers the monkey playground where your kids can climb trees, make funny faces and hike through the mini jungle.

Fool around at Speelwijck

The biggest area of Plaswijck Park is called Speelwijck (the playing district), where your kids can play and have a good time for hours and hours. Speelwijck offers the harbour playground, the perfect attraction on a sunny day, in which water jets and slides make your kids soaking wet! In addition, Plaswijck Park offers one of the biggest traffic playgrounds in the Netherlands. Children ride mini-motorbikes or mini-cars and aside they learn the traffic rules on intersections with real traffic lights, roundabouts, a railway crossing and a gas station. And there's more fun for kids! Plaswijck Parks biggest attraction is the 10,000 square meters playground with slides, a historic merry-go-round, a fast cable way, pedalos, a labyrinth and a climbing wall.

Indoor playing at Plaswijck Park

The so called House on the Hill is located within Speelwijck as well. This indoor playhouse is Grandpa & Grandma van der Plas' home and all kids are allowed to do anything which would be strictly forbidden at home: jump on the trampoline bed, spray bath foam in the bathroom and crawl through tunnels and secret passages! Parents can have a snack or a drink at the restaurant, while their kids are playing. From the tea-house you can also watch your children. It's also nice to make a little boat tour with your kids and enjoy the beautiful islands and houses on Lake Hillegersberg.

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