Chabot museum Rotterdam

Museumpark 11, 3015 CB Rotterdam


An extensive image of the Dutch artist Henk Chabot

The Chabot Museum that is housed in a white villa since 1993 is located in the Rotterdam Museum Park and is a museum that is completely dedicated to the work of the Dutch artist Heck Chabot (1894-1979). In the Chabot Museum you can see the collection of 26 paintings from the period of 1940-1945, for which Henk Chabot became known. Next to that the museum also displays an extensive collection of other works from Henk Chabot, amongst which are paintings, sculptures, drawings and graphics.

The works of Henk Chabot

The works of Henk Chabot are being dominated by paintings, sculptures and different drawings, for which Henk Chabot became known and famed. The events during the life of Henk Chabot clearly had a big influence on his work, with the collection of paintings from the period 1940-1945 as excellent example. Henk Chabot was guided by the coarseness of the materials that he used.

A museum as a monument

The museum is housed in a white villa which is designed by the architect G.W. Baas and was originally designed to be a house. This white villa has been retrofitted into becoming a museum while effort was made to retain the spacious and bright character of the villa. The view of the villa on the Rotterdam Museumpark is amongst others what makes this villa a remarkable location for displaying the collection and the villa therefore became a state monument in 2000.

A versatile artist, a versatile collection

Henk Chabot was a versatile artist that did not only paint, but also created several sculptures, drawings and graphics. Henk Chabot's style was always influenced by work and living. While his work in the early twenties still had cubic and symbolic elements, his style became more naturalistic in time in which he got his themes from amongst others city life and living in the Rotterdam harbor. For a peek into the mind of a Dutch artist from the 19th century a visit to the Chabot Museum is definitely not a waste of time.

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