Marines museum Rotterdam

Wijnhaven 7-13, 3011 WH Rotterdam


The Museum as a story teller

The Marine Corps, who has not heard of them? Chances are that you once dreamed as a child to go to the Marine Corps. Or perhaps you've done it and the Marines are a part of your life. The Marines Museum tells the story of this almost 350 year old military component in detail. From its founding in 1665 by Johan de Witt and Michiel de Ruyter, internationally known names of format, to date, nearly 350 years of documented history can not possibly be bored in this beautiful museum! And of course, the Marine Museum in Rotterdam, because the Marine Corps has always had a strong connection with Rotterdam. So the Corps has an impressive role in the defense of the Maas bridges in World War II. And there are still Marines based in Rotterdam at the Van Ghent barracks.

Impressive collection of the Marine Corps

The collection of the museum is as impressive as the Marine Corps itself. There are paintings, clothing, equipment, documents, photographs, and even complete vehicles on display for visitors. It gives you the best possible chance to take a look at the long history of the force and how the force looks like now. The contents of the museum is interesting and there is something to see everywhere to see and possibly touch.

Exhibitions in the Marines Museum

The Marine Museum organizes exhibitions, making it worthwhile to come back later to go for a fun day at the museum. To children's thoughts and there are several activities for your kids something about the history and the Marine Corps to learn. The Marine Corps is intertwined with the history of the Netherlands, including their operations in the East (Indonesia, when East India) and West (Caribbean, Curacao). Each exhibition lasts several months after which a new exhibition is being organized.

The museum for a fun day out

The Marine Museum is in the Old harbour next to the White House, the first skyscraper in Rotterdam, while the tallest building in Europe. A visit to the museum is ideally combined with a terrace in the old harbor and visit the famous cube houses of Piet Blom!

Image - 08 Sep, 2018 -

Juan Perez

" too expensive, some things don't work, it could be improved"

Image - 30 Jul, 2018 -

Charles Reynolds

" I was disappointed in the lack of a line of history. Walking through the museum, you get the impression that the corps was formed specifically for the modern struggles in the Middle East and anti-piracy activities near east Africa. No lost stars for this because I am obviously _not_ part of the target audience: It would have been nice to have some English text, as is done at other Dutch museums."

Image - 08 Jun, 2018 -

Alastair McKenzie

" I really liked this museum. It's fairly small and they don't have a huge historical collection for a corps formed in 1668, but they lost much of it in WW2. What's there is well presented and will leave you with a healthy respect for the Dutch Marines. See my full review in Mechtraveller."

Image - 01 May, 2018 -

Alex Chal

" Not many to see. Its small. I was expecting something more than that"

Image - 24 Jan, 2018 -

Paulo Jorge Pires

" Small but informative. First floor more dedicated to small children with some funny questions and tracking tricks. Second floor dedicated to the 010 Mariniers. World war II information about the fight between the Rotterdam's Mariniers and the Nazi invasion of Rotterdam. Very interesting and very informative. Part of Rotterdam's history that every true Rotterdam should know. Unfortunately at the time of my visit, 3rd floor was closed for maintenance."

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