Maritime Museum Rotterdam

Leuvehaven 1, 3011EA Rotterdam


The Maritime Museum of Rotterdam

The Maritime Museum Rotterdam merged with the Harbour Museum of Rotterdam, which was located next door. The Maritime Museum Rotterdam displays more than half a million nautical objects related to ships and travel such as ship models, paintings, atlases, ship charts and globes, shipbuilding blueprints, photos, films and videos, navigation instruments, nautical instruments, ship’s furnishings and personal documents and clothing.

Collection of ship models

A part of the Maritime Museum Rotterdam dates back to 1852, when the Model Room for the Royal Dutch Yachting Club was created. This Model Room was the basis for a public municipal museum created in 1874, which makes the Maritime Museum Rotterdam the oldest maritime museum of the Netherlands. The important collection of ship models spans seven centuries and contains a large part of the ship types which were used in the Netherlands for hundreds of years. One of the top pieces of the Maritime Museum Rotterdam is the Mataró that dates back to early 15th century and which is the oldest ship model in Western Europe.

Offshore Experience Rotterdam

The Maritime Museum Rotterdam displays a number of interesting themed exhibitions. These exhibitions change every now and then but some are semi- permanent. The most important exhibitions are currently 'Masterpieces' and the 'Offshore Experience' (from 8 years). 'Masterpieces' shows a selection of 25 of the best items from the museum collection. The Interactive Offshore Experience takes place on an oil rig and at the sea bottom. Officially equipped with yellow vests and a helmet you can discover all kinds of offshore jobs. As a marshaller you can guide a helicopter to the heli platform or you can navigate with a big ship. Really great for kids!

Playground Maritime Museum

Kids between 4 and 10 years can step into the maritime world in a playful manner in the port of Professor Splash. Kids must help him and his friends Captain Cork, Sai-Ling, Mecha Mo and Float to prepare them for their trip around the world. They have to load and unload ships, get the fish nets, lift containers and cook a meal in the galley. On board of Professor Splash' futuristic ship, your kids will learn about the museum collection. The Maritime Museum Rotterdam also offers an outdoor rooftop harbour playground.

Museum ship De Buffel

The Maritime Museum Rotterdam was also known of the 19th century naval ship 'De Buffel' that served the Royal Dutch Navy for many years. Unfortunately the museum doesn´t own the ship anymore, but it can still be visited in the city of Hellevoetsluis.

Historic ships Leuvehaven

Besides the indoor collection, The Maritime Museum Rotterdam also displays many ships of the former Harbour Museum outside. At Leuvehaven you'll find historic ships as well as cranes, a tugboat, a lighthouse, a steam powered grain elevator and a locomotor.

Verolme Pavillon Rotterdam

A tour at huge open-air area of the Maritime Museum Rotterdam begins at the Verolme Pavilion, located at the Leuvehaven. Within this pavilion you can see many exhibits and movies about the port of Rotterdam in the past and present. Stroll through the historical Leuvehaven harbour surrounded by many historic ships. In July and August and on Sundays you can usually join a trip on one of the steam tugboats. There are regular demonstrations of old crafts organised at the warehouses of the Maritime Museum Rotterdam. Admission to the outdoor quays and landings of Leuvehaven is free, but for boarding the ships or attending a demonstration or a tour you need to purchase a ticket.

Historic Shipyard Koningspoort 

The historic shipyard Koningspoort is an auxiliary branch of the Maritime Museum Rotterdam, which is located at the beautiful Old Harbour of Rotterdam. At Koningspoort ship owners can restore their historic ships. If you can't get enough of the Port of Rotterdam you can combine your visit to the Maritime Museum Rotterdam with a Spido Harbour Tour, which departs near the Erasmus Bridge.



Image - 02 Oct, 2018 -

Satish Prabhakar

" Top notch half deck with the Offshore Exhibition. Some of the most capable offshore working vessels can be seen there, along with you getting a taste of the maritimer's world! The older ship exhibits are also very good. There are some huge old paintings that have been cleaned and put up on the walls. The museum is highly recommended, especially for kids and student/ tourist groups."

Image - 02 Oct, 2018 -

Tansy Chau

" Spent two hours here and only left because they closed! The have an amazing interactive off-shore exhibit that opened my eyes to so many things I didn't know. Great focus on sustainability and the progress through history of all things maritime! Outside you can go for a walk and check out all the amazing cranes and their timeline of development A really well-laid out and interesting museum! Clever design and layout. Engaging activities. Never a dull moment! I didn't bring any kids but I think it would be great for them with all the activities. Plus on the roof there is a very awesome play area where they can practice their maritime skills like setting up a sail, tying knots, operating a crane and more! If I find myself in Rotterdam, I would definitely return and try to get a better score on my off-shore skills!"

Image - 27 Sep, 2018 -

Marije Hammel

" Waanzinnig goed uitziende en interactieve tentoonstellingen. Enorm leuk voor je klas, kinderen, kleinkinderen, achterkl... Je snapt hem wel. Het zit echt heel mooi in elkaar. Voor elke leeftijdsgroep is wel iets interessants te doen of bekijken. Zou ik hier onironisch als volwassene alleen naartoe gaan? Nee, niet echt. Maar zelfs dan is het nog hartstikke interessant."

Image - 23 Sep, 2018 -

andrew chisholm

" I visited with my grand children they found Professor Plons great, third floor. I like the live exhibits of steam boats in the harbour next door most interesting. You can speak, literally for hours, with the lovely people who have rebuilt and restored the exhibits."

Image - 22 Aug, 2018 -

Semih Bahadır

" It has both inside and outside part. You can find different type of maritime items here. It's also fun for kids who enjoys all kinds of boats, cranes etc. There's also a small boat trip right outside of the museum which you can spend half an hour with your kids in a boat floating among the museum items. Kids love it!"

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