Lawrence Church (Laurenskerk) Rotterdam


Rotterdams oldest building

The St. Laurenskerk is the great Church of Rotterdam and the only relic in Rotterdam from the middle ages. The church was built between 1449 and 1525 and is the oldest building in Rotterdam. It's one of a few buildings that survived the Blitz in Rotterdam during WWII. The Laurenskerk classic design is in sharp contrast with the hyper modern post war architecture in Rotterdam.

Rebuilt after 2nd world war

Originally the church was Roman Catholic, but during the Protestant Reformation in 1572 the Laurenskerk Church was transformed into a Protestant church. During the WWII bombings on Rotterdam, the Laurenskerk was practically destroyed but it was thoroughly rebuilt. After the reconstruction the church became an open church and nowadays the church is a multipurpose building for concerts, lectures, expositions, parties and church services.

Great view from the top

Within the church you can see a mausoleum for Dutch sea heroes, beautiful bronze doors designed by the famous Italian sculptor Giacomo Manzu, lovely chandeliers and four organs. The main organ with 7600 pipes is the biggest organ of the Netherlands and one of the biggest mechanical organs in the world! You can simply visit the Laurenskerk church, join a guided tour or be sporty and climb the 65 meters high tower. From the top you will be rewarded with a magnificent view on Rotterdam!

Erasmus statue

In front of the St Laurenskerk you can see the statue of Erasmus, which is the oldest bronze statue in the Netherlands. The statue of Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus was built in 1622. Erasmus was a Dutch 15th century humanist and theologian who was born in Rotterdam around 1466. Today many buildings in Rotterdam are named after him, such as the Erasmus Bridge, the Erasmus University and the Erasmus Metro line. You can even find a copy of this statue at the Erasmus High School in New York.

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