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"Getting around in Rotterdam is easy and comfortable. The public transport is reliable and safe, but there are lots of other fun ways to travel around in Rotterdam. You don't need a car and can leave it at one of the Park & Ride locations outside the city."


Public transport in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a compact city and a walking is often the best way to get around the city, but if you travel further, Rotterdam offers an excellent public transport service. The metro in Rotterdam is the most efficient way to travel in Rotterdam because there's a metro station nearby in most of the cases. You can use the metro to travel around in Rotterdam but also to surrounding cities like Capelle aan den IJssel, Spijkenisse, Hoogvliet, Rhoon and even to the beach in Hoek van Holland. Metro line E takes you even to The Hague.

Another popular way of public transport in Rotterdam is the tram. The tram is very useful for short distances and takes you to locations which are not covered by metro. You can take the tram to travel to the south of Rotterdam for example, because the metro does not reach everywhere. There are special high-speed trams available which will quickly take you there. Buses in Rotterdam also take you to places where the metro doesn't run including surrounding cities. The metro, bus and tram stops are clearly indicated and on electronic signs you can see how long it takes before the next ride starts. The biggest transport hub in Rotterdam is Central Station, followed by Rotterdam Zuidplein and Rotterdam Blaak, where different ways of public transport are connected together.

You need a travel chipcard if you want to travel with public transport in Rotterdam. You can buy this card at many places including the service desks and ticket machines at the stations. Travelling with a travel chipcard is very comfortable because you can change between the different ways of public transport without having to buy a ticket each time. Tourists can also buy the Rotterdam Welcome Card or the Tourist Day Ticket which combines free public transport with discount on attractions and museums in Rotterdam and other locations.

Other ways of getting around in Rotterdam

If you're a bit sporty, a fun and convenient way to get around the city is to rent a bike in Rotterdam. There are special cycle trails througout Rotterdam so you can safely explore Rotterdam by bike. You can use the electric bikes from GoBike which you can find at different locations and bring it back to another location once you finish your ride. Taxis in Rotterdam take you from door to door and are especially useful and safe at night outside public transport operating hours. There are a number of dedicated taxi stops in Rotterdam but you can also book your taxi in advance to pick you up from any location. During the day you can also use a bike taxi which you can find in the city center. Bike taxis can be used for short distances and are popular with tourists.

There's another type of taxi available in Rotterdam which is the watertaxi. Watertaxis are a fun and very fast way to travel around in Rotterdam. A watertaxi doesn't need to stop for traffic lights or traffic jams and provide you a good view on the Rotterdam skyline. You can also use your own car or rent a car to getting around in Rotterdam, but you have to pay to park your car in Rotterdam everywhere in city center. It's recommeded to park you car in a parking or at a park & ride location just outside city center.

Sightseeing Tours in Rotterdam

When you visit Rotterdam as a tourist there are more fun ways to get around Rotterdam instead of using public transport. By doing a boat tour or another tour you will be assured to see all the sights and attractions of Rotterdam. There different options to do a tour including the historic tram Line 10 and the Hop-on Hop-off bus which take you through Rotterdam. For a fixed price you can hop on and hop off wherever and whenever you want. The SplashTours tour drives you in an amphibious bus through the streets of Rotterdam and then drives with a big splash into the river Meuse for a boat tour! Spido offers boat tours to the port of Rotterdam and the watertaxi also offers tours.

Below is an overview of all the different ways to get around in Rotterdam. Find out which way suits you best!


Rotterdam taxis are a very comfortable way to travel and offer a quick door-to-door service.

Bus Service

Buses are a convenient way to travel around Rotterdam and take you virtually anywhere!


Call a Watertaxi and travel the river in style to one of the numerous boarding points.


Rotterdam's rapid underground transport system rapidly takes you nearly anywhere within the city center and also to the suburbs.


Travel around in Rotterdam

Travel with public transport, water taxi, bike taxi or regular taxi: you can easily get everywhere!

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Public transport in and around in Rotterdam made easy with the travel chip card.


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Rotterdam taxis are a very comfortable way to travel and offer a quick door-to-door service.

Central Station

The modern transport hub of Rotterdam with train, metro, bus and tram service.

Bicycle taxi

The quickest and greenest taxi service in the centre of Rotterdam. Enjoy a cheap and dry ride!


Pick up a white electric rental Gobike and drop it off at a docking station of your choice in Rotterdam. Cheap and swift.

Car rental

Choose your rental car and go where you want go in Rotterdam!

Bike Rental

Do as the locals do and ride through Rotterdam on a rental bike!