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Extraordinary network of trams in Rotterdam

Trams in Rotterdam are a great supplement to the metro system. There's an extraordinary tram network in the city and the trams can take you virtually anywhere. They get priority at crossings and take you very quickly from one place to another. They are ideal to travel short distances within the city center but can also take you to the suburbs.

Two types of trams

The first tram in Rotterdam started in 1879. At that time the tram was pulled by a horse. Nowadays you can find two types of trams in Rotterdam: articulated trams from the 1980's and the new comfortable quick low-floor Citadis trams, which will replace all older trams eventually. Almost all trams go through the city center, so if you want to go to the center it doesn't matter which tram you take.

Nine different lines

There are nine different tram lines in Rotterdam:

Line 2: operates in the south of Rotterdam
Line 4: operates between west Rotterdam, Rotterdam center and north Rotterdam
Line 7: operates between east Rotterdam, Rotterdam center and the Erasmus bridge
Line 8: operates between west Rotterdam, Rotterdam center and north Rotterdam
Line 20: operates between the south of Rotterdam and Rotterdam center
Line 21: operates between Schiedam, Rotterdam center and east Rotterdam
Line 23: operates between Vlaardingen, Schiedam, Rotterdam center and south Rotterdam
Line 25: operates between Barendrecht, Rotterdam center and north Rotterdam
Line 29: operates between Central station and stadium Feyenoord or between Central Station and the Sparta Rotterdam stadium only at match days

Tram service in Rotterdam

You can get to most of the tourist attractions and sights Rotterdam with the tram, but you could also join a tour with the historical tram Rotterdam (line 10) to see all the highlights. You can hop-on and hop-off whenever you want, but it only operates during the summer.

Travel around in Rotterdam

Travel with public transport, water taxi, bike taxi or regular taxi: you can easily get everywhere!

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