Hotel New York at Wilhelmina Pier Rotterdam

Koninginnenhoofd 1, 3072 AD Rotterdam


Landmark of Rotterdam

Hotel New York is one of the best known sights in Rotterdam. The former headquarters of the Holland America Line (HAL) is currently a popular hotel and restaurant.

Holland America Line headquarters

Hotel New York was built between 1901 and 1917 and became the HAL headquarters, a shipping and passenger line between Rotterdam and New York. Hundreds of thousands of emigrants from all over Europe boarded one of the HAL ships on their way to a new life in America. Hotel New York was the last building they saw when they left Europe. In 1971 the last HAL ship departed from Rotterdam and the headquarters were closed. Nowadays the HAL has returned in Rotterdam and their European headquarters are located within the Montevideo skyscraper next to Hotel New York.

Staying overnight in Hotel New York Rotterdam

In 1993 the old headquarters were transformed into a four star hotel and restaurant. You can still feel the atmosphere of the old headquarters. The former boardrooms are meeting rooms now and the renovated hotel rooms have preserved their unique maritime style. It feels like staying on a cruise ship with a view at the river Maas! Read more about spending the night at Hotel New York.

Image - 08 Sep, 2018 -

Karen IJzerman

" Old historical building still beautiful with nice views We went there for High tea, it was good not great. I was a bit disappointed for the quality. Sandwich could have been better filled and fresher, mini pizza type also. I had seen/eaten better. Therefore I give only 3 *"

Image - 02 Sep, 2018 -

Esther Pan

" The restaurant is located at a good place with a seaside view. I went here for high tea with a friend. The service was friendly. The high tea has a nice selection of tea flavours, but I expected more variety in the assortiment. The price was reasonable, but the high tea time was too short."

Image - 20 Aug, 2018 -

Jort Schutte

" One of the best hotels I've been. Amazing location with good views. This hotel is full of stories and you feel it when you are there. The restaurant is also very good, serving an array of fresh sea food and meat dishes. Stay in one of the tower chambers."

Image - 13 Aug, 2018 -

Israela Maccabee

" Free parking nearby (if available). Beautiful sight from the inside of this vintage restaurant with every detail well thought before hand. Food was impeccable and delicious as you can see in the photos. Reasonable pricing considering the location and history of this place. No reservation was needed and we were placed to our seats right away though the restaurant was full of people that evening. We shall return there."

Image - 30 Jul, 2018 -

Rick Verhoog

" Did an afternoon tea at the hotel; great food, large selection of teas that can be ordered limitlessly. Allergies are easily worked around and you get delicious replacements that look and taste just as good as the normal items. Staff is very friendly (and well dressed) and don't seem impatient or unhappy to be there. The entire space has a fairly simple feeling to it, but with class. It's modern but still retains some of that old feeling and grandeur to me. Everything is well maintained and leaving to get to the toilets from the main restaurant/cafe hall reveals a very nice looking hallway full of history, that leads to different rooms that seem like conference rooms. Clean bathrooms that are nice to look at as well!"

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